Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ reviews: more than great


With so many functions and ways to use Note 10+, you may be wondering if this phone has resistance.

I can't speak for Note The 3,500 mAh 10 battery because I didn't try it, but Note 10+ 4,300 mAh batteries generally lasts at least a full day of intensive use with a screen resolution set to full WQHD + (3.40 x 1,440).


Lower the resolution to the FHD + standard (2280 x 1,080) and activate battery saving features such as Adaptive Brightness, increase battery life by approximately one and a half days. Turning on "power mode," which does things like limit background data, turn off the always-on screen, and limit CPU speed by up to 70 percent, increases battery life to nearly two full days.

Than Note 10+ doesn't have the biggest battery in a smartphone, but it's not something to worry about often because the included 25-watt charger can quickly charge the cell phone from 0-100 percent in about 65 minutes.

Samsung says a 45-watt charger (sold separately) will be able to charge quickly Note 10+ (no Note 10) cable is faster, but the company does not provide it to me for testing.

Overall, I am very happy with Note More than 10 features and battery life – this is the main level.