Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xbox One X with Vodafone or Telekom contract on offer

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xbox One X with Vodafone or Telekom contract on offer

Who currently has a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Vodafone or Telekom contract and much data volume searches, gets the MediaMarkt even an Xbox One X with 1 TB of memory -. GIGA has recalculated and tells you how you can even reduce the additional payment by 98 euros.

Fare Deal: Samsung Galaxy S10, Xbox One X and Vodafone contract

Update from 12.08.2019: The offer is valid again. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Xbox One X are there. The 99 Euro additional payment will be reduced to 1 Euro with the code "XboxDeal19". Now you have not only a Vodafone contract with 10 GB for choice, but also one.


Original article:

The offer was sold out so quickly the first time that we could not report it anymore. So if you are interested in the devices, you should not hesitate too long. The following costs arise for you within two years:

  • Tariff: 36.99 euros per month x 24 = 887.76 euros
  • Hardware: 1 Euro instead of 99 Euro with the coupon code "XboxDeal19"
  • Connection fee: 39.99 euros
  • = 928.75 euros

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xbox One X with Vodafone or Telekom contract on offer 2

You get the contract for the Samsung Galaxy S10 in black with 128 GB of internal memory worth about 600 euros. In addition, the Xbox One X 1 TB in the "Metro Exodus" bundle worth about 400 euros. Alone the hardware is already worth 1,000 euros. So you make a profit of over 70 euros. But there is still a good contract.

The contract: Mobilcom-Debitel green LTE 10GB

In this you get 10 GB of LTE data volume in the Vodafone network. The speed is throttled to 21.6 Mbit / s. So you can consume a relatively large amount of data – just slower. Otherwise there is a flat for telephony and SMS. The data volume can of course also be used on holiday in other EU countries.

Termination: Within the two years you must not forget to cancel. This is best done via subscription alert.

So good is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10:

GIGA assessment: Is the tariff deal worthwhile?

This listing is worth it for anyone who is both a Samsung Galaxy S10 as well as an Xbox One X want to have. The Vodafone contract is available for free as a candy. Overall, a very good deal, which is excellent by the coupon code and the savings of the additional payment. Here you should access, as long as the offer is still valid.

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