Samsung Galaxy S10 – good, but flawed

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed

There is no doubt that Samsung makes great smartphones, but before I got Samsung Galaxy S10, I thought it was worth buying and enjoying the user experience. As a result, I corrected my opinion and is not so clear.


If the conclusion is interesting, you can immediately flip to the end of the article. If you are wondering why I came to this conclusion, I will tell you in order


The first thing you pay attention to when you open the box with a smartphone is the traditionally rich bundle familiar to us from previous generations of smartphones in this series.

In addition to the smartphone itself, it includes:

  • power adapter
  • charging cable
  • case
  • AKG headphones
  • USB to USB Type-C adapter

The package bundle is definitely a plus of this smartphone, and there’s absolutely no reason to say that they haven’t put anything else in the kit yet.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 16

First impression

When you pick up a smartphone for the first time, you are surprised at how compact it is. Smartphones Series Galaxy recent generations have always been quite small and pleasantly lying in the hand, but this time the difference between expectations and reality turned out to be even greater.

An additional contribution to the compactness is made by the narrowed edges of the case on the sides. Thanks to this, the smartphone seems even thinner, and light weight only complements the picture.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 17

Relatively pleased and the location of the camera on the back wall. Besides the fact that it sticks out not at all very strongly, it is also located in a wide module that occupies almost the entire width of the smartphone. Thanks to this, it allows the smartphone not to swing when it lies on the table.

Not without drawbacks in this decision. When you take a photo or video, with some capture methods, the camera modules are closed with your fingers. As a result, you have to change the grip to open the camera and fingerprints remain on it.

Another point that I definitely did not like is the Power button, located too high to be considered convenient. You have to reach for it, and this spoils the whole impression of the general convenience of the case.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 18


The display has a diagonal of 6.1 inches and, of course, it is AMOLED. I did not always like Samsung screens because of their excessive brightness and, it seems to me, unrealistic. In this model, the screen is on the verge of my preferences. But I cannot but note its brightness. It is comfortable to use it on the street, but indoors it seemed to me that my eyes got tired of it. Although, all this is very subjective and personal.

A protective film has been pasted onto the screen from the factory. This is a plus, since under it there are no bubbles and extra inclusions. The only drawback is that it does not completely cover the side faces, and when swiping from the edge of the screen it is very felt. Sometimes this can cause mild discomfort.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 19


Depending on the market where the smartphone is planned to be sold, it comes with two different types of processors. The user will get the Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855. You should not worry about the processor, since both options will do their job perfectly and will not interfere with using the device in everyday life. The most demanding gamers may notice slight deviations in frame rate, but 99.9 percent of users will not notice anything.

RAM in Galaxy S10 will be 8 GB, and the built-in 128 GB. Memory cards are supported, so if more memory is needed, this will not be a problem.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 20


Samsung Camera Galaxy S10 is an example of how you can make a good camera, which practically does not stick out of the case. Let after that Apple and Huawei say that this is impossible.

It’s impossible to call the camera brilliant. If you compare it, for example, with the Huawei P30 Pro in daytime conditions, you won’t be able to identify a clear leader, since they shoot about the same. The only difference is that Huawei is a little less likely to make mistakes with white balance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 21

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 22

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 23

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 24

When shooting nightly, the Chinese will obviously win, but you should thank for this special processing algorithms and proprietary modes that allow you to take good pictures at night. The degree of bulging the camera does not matter here.

There are no big questions on the video. But the front camera would not hurt to be a little more wide-angle.

Front camera portrait mode
Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 25

The resolution of the main camera modules is 12 megapixels, 16 megapixels and 12 megapixels, and the modules allow for normal shooting, wide-angle and magnification shooting. This arrangement in my opinion is the most convenient for daily use.

Wide angle module
Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 26

The main module
Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 27

TV module
Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 28

Original photos can be downloaded here

Unpleasant Features

The main unpleasant feature of the smartphone, in my opinion, is the on-screen fingerprint scanner. It does not just work poorly – it almost does not work at all.

In order for him to normally scan a finger, you will need to apply it with a certain effort and as accurately as possible to the marked area. At the moment, this is the worst fingerprint scanner on the screen that I tried, and I tried quite a few smartphones. Among them were almost all mass-produced smartphones that support this feature. Even the new OnePlus 7 Pro, which I will talk about soon.

Another unpleasant feature for me was the inability to immediately determine where the front camera is. When you take a selfie, it’s not always possible to immediately find out where to look. It seems to me that it would be worth highlighting. For example, when you just launch the front camera, a white line runs around the eye. I don’t understand why not leave it glowing until the front camera is active.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 29

Another individual minus will be that the main camera has the property of getting dirty. About this I have already said above, I will not dwell on this in detail.


As a result, we have a smartphone that has a lot of undeniable advantages and advantages, but is not deprived of disadvantages either. At the same time, in my opinion, the shortcomings are significant for the smartphone, with an official price of 70,000 rubles.

For that kind of money, I definitely would not recommend buying it. At this price, the best option would be to buy the previous generation Galaxy for a significantly lower cost.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - good, but flawed 30

There is one more option. For example, our friends in the BoomMarket store will have a significantly lower price for this and other smartphones and will allow a different approach to choosing a smartphone. Otherwise, I would not overpay for Galaxy S10 and would choose the previous generation or a completely different smartphone.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S10

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