Samsung Galaxy S11 colors are already popping up, not surprising

by Kelvin

The Galaxy Note 10 is barely on the market, but it is Samsung Galaxy S11 rumor circuit is slowly coming up with steam. We already know which ones Galaxy S11 in the pipeline.


Aura Glow: possibly also for the Galaxy S11

Galaxy S11 colors

It will take at least another six months for the Galaxy Can buy S11. Yet it seems that Samsung has already been thinking about which colors the device – or rather: models, because it is of course not one, later – will get.

Our colleagues from SamMobile have been digging a little in their information channels, and what appears? The Galaxy S11 further embeds where Samsung now with the Galaxy Note 10 has remained. That means: there will be at least device versions in blue, pink, black and white. Moreover, the "Aura" designation seems to be used again, which increases the chance of an "Aura Glow" Galaxy S11 makes great. This is of course also the color that is on the Note 10 appears to be very popular.

Previously it turned out that Samsung for the Galaxy S11 maintains roughly the same storage capacities that we now know from the different ones Galaxy S10 models. That means that the standard models get 128GB of storage, and you can also choose from 512GB and 1TB variants at an additional cost. In addition, you must know that the 128GB Galaxy Note 10 eventually never came on the market, and Samsung decided at a later stage to offer a minimum of 256GB. We do not exclude that this also with the Galaxy S11 will be the case.

Furthermore, it is expected that Samsung for the Galaxy S11 will finally screw on to the cameras again. Although the Galaxy S10 and especially the Galaxy Note 10 of course have very good cameras, the pressure from the competition has risen steadily in recent years. In the coming months we will undoubtedly find out more about the expected improvements.

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