Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus would present a design with retractable screen

by Kelvin
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Today we run into some renders of what the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus according to the patents registered by Samsung, which shows a design of retractable screen where you can expand the size of it by about 25 percent when necessary. After playing the multimedia content, or playing, this screen you can get so that the device offers a more compact size and easy to carry in your pocket.

This design would be possible thanks to a flexible screen, which would be rolled on the bottom of the device.


Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Patent-based design 1 740x428 0

This design brings some inconvenience, such as to take pictures with the main cameras the screen must be completely removed. In their most compact form, the cameras are hidden in the housing, so the camera system remains optimally protected when the phone is transported. The lenses also remain better protected and get dirty less quickly. Most likely, when the camera is selected, the body of the terminal is enlarged to make them visible and to take the snapshot.

With a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that came out at a starting price around 1,000 euros, and a Samsung Galaxy Fold with folding screen by 2,200 euros, it remains to be seen if this patent will be used by the Galaxy S11 Plus or if we have to wait to these panels significantly reduce their price to make them a reality with the launch of Galaxy S12 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Design based on patent 2 740x488 1

via: LetsGoDigital

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