Samsung Galaxy S20: the official store gives 3 reasons to succumb

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For this first long weekend in May, Samsung has decided to offer some very convincing arguments to customers of its online store. Whether on the latest Samsung Galaxy S20, the previous ones Galaxy S10 / Note 10, the excellent Galaxy A51 / A71 and Tab S tablets, the Korean has decided to offer a series of generous discounts for May 1. Here is a (small) overview of what is highlighted:

But that’s not all ! To find out about other Samsung benefits, it’s here:

Why choose the new ones Galaxy S20?

At the start of 2020, Samsung formalized its new Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. The Korean brand has further strengthened its dominance in the premium niche with 3 5G compatible models, and very solid arguments against all the others. smartphones Android market. Samsung is a screen expert, and it proves it again on this new generation with 6.2 ″, 6.7 ″ and 6.9 ″ OLED screens and a refresh rate of 120 Hz for the latter.

For having compared it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the photo offer of Galaxy S20 is also above, in classic mode as in night mode (triple sensor for the S20, and quadruple for the S20 + and the S20 Ultra). With batteries that are more powerful than the previous ones Galaxy S10 / Note 10, the Korean Samsung brings the final touch to an excellent new generation.

With a additional € 150 bonus upon resumption and the possibility of staggering payment over 24 months, Samsung offers an additional argument to choose one of the Galaxy S20. Samsung Care +, the full 2-year warranty worth 149 €, is also included.


To see the offers on the Samsung Galaxy S20, it’s here:

The Galaxy S10 and Note 10 are at the party

With its new generation of Galaxy S20, Samsung further affirms its capacity for innovation. That said, the previous generation of smartphones 2019 (Galaxy S10 and Note 10) are always very good compromises. Even better, these are devices that offer an even more competitive value for money today. While the competition is raging, Samsung has not hesitated to lower the prices of the latter to offer some beautiful nuggets.

For this long weekend of May 1, the official Korean store is offering a mini price on Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 +. On each of these models, an immediate discount of € 160 is available. Enough to drop the price of some up to 25%, not counting the trade-in premium and the possibility of paying in 4x without charge. The easiest way is to go to the official Samsung website to understand the many discounts on these smartphones.

Galaxy A51 and A71, the best compromises?

As you can see in our guide to the best smartphones Samsung, the Galaxy A51 and A71 are very good choices for less than € 500. Positioned in the mid-range, they position themselves in force with arguments that cannot be found in the competition for such a price level. In addition to the AMOLED screen which is a specialty at Samsung, there are powerful processors as well as a high-quality photo offer with a quadruple photo sensor on each of the models.

In terms of value for money, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is our favorite – and it’s cheaper than its big brother. In both cases, Korean offers an immediate discount of € 80 on each of the models. The A51 version thus drops below 300 € (299 €) instead of 379 € in usual times. For a price around 300 €, it is simply the best deal on the market.

Samsung doesn’t stop there, and it also makes great offers on Galaxy Note10 or its Tab S tablets. There is something for everyone. One thing is certain: if you wanted to buy an electronic product from Korean this weekend, there will be something to be seduced on the official store of Samsung.

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