Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery

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It is not uncommon for a model from Samsung's new flagship series to be so far removed from the others that it is very important to discuss it separately. But that's really the case with Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this device and it's really a strong statement from the company that means business.

So let's dive into this Galaxy S20 Ultra reviews first-hand and sees the first impression as what is the cornerstone of Samsung's most expensive and most comprehensive features. For our direct review of Galaxy S20 and S20 +, see this article.

Design and taste

You can choose Galaxy S20 Ultra outside the ranks is pretty easy. It has an impressive personality due to its slim dimensions and larger appearance; in fact, the largest is not yet in Samsung's flagship. However, it never feels like a smartphone that you couldn't use as a daily controller. It will fit easily in your pocket, not too heavy and it will keep a slim profile despite all the crazy technology that is included in it.

It has all the new design elements in common with its brothers that we have detailed in Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 + live review. Ultra stands out for the large rear camera module. It is vertically aligned and dominates the back. Since there are a number of decent advanced technologies inside, this module stands out from behind. Yes, we do an oscillation test on a flat surface, and it has great oscillation potential, a consequence of that bulge.

There is no doubt about the fact that this is the mainstay of Samsung. It has the very familiar look we expect from a high-end business device. Smooth curves at the back allow for a comfortable grip while metal and glass feel premium in your hand. There is absolutely no complaint here.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery 1

Screen size Galaxy The S20 Ultra stretches the limits of what you can imagine as a smartphone and not just as a small tablet. Quad HD + AMOLED 6.9-inch display accompanied by slim bezels and smooth, curved edges. Considering how we use our cell phones today with content consumption as our highest priority, there is a reasonable chance that most customers who can pay additional dollars for the larger model will go Ultra in part because of the appearance, however, other amazing technologies.

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Samsung has completed everything Galaxy S20 line with a 120Hz refresh rate panel. The smoothness and smoothness that is possible in animation and games are hard to miss. It's great that Samsung has finally switched to a 120Hz panel for its flagship – this is a great addition to the product line. The quality of the panel is extraordinary. Samsung's AMOLED display seldom gives a chance to complain and hasn't changed with Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery 2

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is also present. Samsung did not say that the second generation sensor was installed, but it was said that it would be a noticeable increase in speed and reliability compared to that. Galaxy S10 This is partly because the sensor has been repositioned and additional improvements have been made. We will compare performance with Galaxy S10 sensor in our full review.

The software

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery 3

This is new Galaxy It appears so you already know that it comes with the latest version of Google's Android operating system and Samsung's custom skin. Than Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with Android 10 and One UI 2.1, a small increase in Samsung UX that brings a number of new software features to the product line.

These new features include Single Take, an AI-based camera mode that uses a variety of cameras on the device to automatically capture different versions of scenes so you can decide which one to save. There is a native integration with Google Duo for Full HD video calls up to 8 people and the ability to share 8K videos directly to YouTube.

The camera

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery 4

This is your lens, the camera, the only thing that does it Galaxy S20 Ultra certified animal. The quad camera system consists of a 108 megapixel 1.8 OIS f / primary sensor with a 12 / megapixel f / 2.2 ultra-wide sensor and a 48 megapixel 3.5 f / OIS telephoto lens. There is also a ToF sensor for the AR experience.

Samsung won't say exactly what the optical zoom level is for real hardware, but it does offer 10x lossless zoom. Lossless zoom by definition means that the image will not experience a decrease in quality when enhanced. It features revolutionary prism technology to allow the phone to reach the level of optical magnification. Samsung uses AI on the device to properly use it with the camera. By combining hybrid optical zoom and digital zoom, Galaxy S20 Ultra is capable of suppressing 100x Space Zoom. Obviously there will be a loss of quality at that level because this device basically cuts images from a 108MP camera to mimic 100x zoom.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery 5

However, after seeing a few examples of features in action, it really allows for an unprecedented level of optical magnification in a smartphone. How useful it will demonstrate in everyday use is something we will fully test Galaxy S20 Ultra review. It uses miss-binning technology to combine nine pixels into one super pixel, allowing more light to enter and allowing for improved quality in low light conditions. That's also something we'll be thoroughly testing in the review. Ultra is also the only model in the new lineup that features a 40 megapixel f / 2.2 selfie camera.

Samsung is very clear about the customers it wants to target Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is the search for professional photographers, at least those who take photos smartphones and don't swear by your full-frame camera. To add camera control capabilities, Samsung has developed several new camera features to allow users to do more with their devices. There is a Pro video mode that enables lighting and aperture settings when taking videos. The new single capture mode uses artificial intelligence to capture multiple varieties of scenes using all of the device's cameras to provide easily sharable options including photos and videos. We also like the zoom cropping feature, which allows you to achieve desired results without greatly changing the image quality. This is a little common sense feature that is really beneficial in making life easier for us with the cell phones we use as everyday drivers.

You can also record 8K videos on the device and even share them. YouTube right away we play with all these new features while we're together Galaxy S20 Ultra and they seem to be much more useful than some of the features that Samsung has previously incorporated into the camera app just for announcing something new. Single Take is something that specifically has a lot of potential to become a favorite during social gatherings.

Battery and charge

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Immediate Review: Pure Mastery 6

Than Galaxy The S20 Ultra gets the largest battery in the group, to be exact 5,000 mAh. This is the largest battery in a Galaxy S flagship. For those with light feet, it will easily last two days and will comfortably see even the most demanding users throughout the day.

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Samsung offers 45W super fast charging support on the Internet Galaxy S20 Ultra but there is some bad news. Do not send a charger with a phone. Just like that with Galaxy Note 10+, customers must purchase a 45W charger separately if they want to add their device at that speed. All of them Galaxy The S20 comes with a 25W charger in the box.


In regards to the specifications, Galaxy The S20 Ultra is now in a separate league, thanks to its advanced and impressive internal camera technology. It is definitely a phone that will be overtaken by Android manufacturers in the first half of this year.

However, is it successful, beyond the difference of being the world's first 100x zoom phone? There is no denying the fact that this level of camera technology will come in handy. There are also high expectations regarding the low-light performance of the 108MP camera, and Samsung says low-light photography is one of the weak points that has been addressed with this device.

Than Galaxy S20 Ultra does two things for Samsung. It is a symbol of Samsung's technological mastery. The Korean giant has worked very hard to emerge from the shadows and establish himself as a leader, not a follower. If anyone can point out to their competitors that this means business in 2020, here it is, The Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This is also an ode for Samsung fans. Long before the rumors started, our founder Danny wrote an opinion highlighting the fact that the upcoming Samsung submarine had to become a true powerhouse because the company seemed to have slipped in this department and would soon be defeated by its competitors. It is always difficult for fans to see. Than Galaxy S20 Ultra is something that will make you proud. These fans usually wait with a wallet in hand for the best Samsung seeds every year. We are pretty sure that they have thrown money at their monitors, and after playing with it for a few hours, so have we.

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