Samsung Galaxy S21: materials, colors … A source reveals more information

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy S21: materials, colors ... A source reveals more information

New information about Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra allow you to learn more about the materials and colors planned by Samsung for its future smartphones.

Samsung renderings Galaxy S21 Ultra S21 + and S21

3d renderings of the three Galaxy Samsung S21 // Source: LetsGoDigital


The weeks go by and the new information on the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra also. This time, it is LetsGoDigital which brings new elements. The Dutch site claims that a trusted source within Samsung sent them images of smartphones.

Unable to distribute this content as is without compromising the identity of its source, the LetsGoDigital teams therefore created 3D renderings of the devices to clearly show their design. The vast majority of information mainly confirms what we already know, but certain points should be noted regarding the materials used by Samsung on the S21 and the colors chosen.

Glass or plastic?

Unsurprisingly, Samsung should essentially put the package on the Galaxy S21 Ultra to make it its flagship at the start of 2021. In this regard, it would therefore be the only one of the three smartphones to take advantage of a glass back – probably with a matt coating as on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S21 + and S21

Samsung overview Galaxy S21 Ultra S21 + and S21 // Source: LetsGoDigital

Thus, the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 would not be entitled to the same treatment and would be satisfied with a plastic rear face for a design similar to what we saw on the Galaxy Note 20 or the Galaxy S20 FE (matt plastic). The idea here is to reduce manufacturing costs to offer smartphones high-end, but not as expensive as the Ultra version.

Plastic is considered a less noble material than glass, but it has the advantage of being lighter. An argument often put forward also recalls that many people cover their smartphones with protective shells. The material below is therefore of little importance to them.

What colors for Galaxy S21

LetsGoDigital also has some information on the colors that Samsung would prepare on its next smartphones. So the Galaxy S21 Ultra would be entitled, at the time of its launch, to two variants: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver (black and silver).

Colors Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung

The two supposed colors of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra // Source: LetsGoDigital

the Galaxy S21 + would come in three colors, adding a Phantom Violet model in addition to black and gray. Finally, the Galaxy S21 would also exist in Phantom Pink (pink) for a total of four colors.

Be careful though, the availability of these different colors would vary depending on the market.

For the rest, LetsGoDigial corroborates several avenues such as the compatibility of the Galaxy S21 Ultra with an S Pen stylus, 5G on all models, the flat screen of the S21 + and S21 variants, 120 Hz mode everywhere (but adaptive only on the Ultra) or even the diagonals of 6.2 ″, 6 , 7 ″ and 6.8 inches.

In addition, on the renderings published by the Dutch site, we find this particular design of the photo module with a left side which encompasses the edge of the smartphone. Finally, remember that Galaxy S21 is slated to premiere in mid-January for release around two weeks later.

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