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The word ‘update’ causes the same effect for the Android user as the bell for Pavlov's dog. We always think, when we hear ‘update’ that our mobile phone will finally receive the latest available version of Android, thus being able to mess with the new functions. This is the case of the new update for Samsung Galaxy S7 that now arrives in numerous countries, including Spain. An update of a phone that reached stores in 2016 with Android 6 Marshmallow preinstalled. Brands usually secure two Android updates for each terminal. So no, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will not be updated to Android 9 Pie. Not now, not never. If the user wants to have version 9 of the Google operating system they will have to resort to cooked third-party ROMs.

Security update for Samsung Galaxy S7

This new update for Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in France, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Spain and some other regions.

So what is the owner of Samsung Galaxy S7 will be in this new August update? Well, this is the August security maintenance (SMR) version that includes patches for, specifically, seven critical vulnerabilities and high-risk Android, in addition to seventeen Samsung fixes for specific threats of their devices Galaxy. No, it is not a system version update but they are essential files to be able to continue using your phone with total security guarantee.

Samsung offers a staggered deployment of these updates, so not all users will receive it at the same time: some will have them before others. However, you can see if you already have this update available, by going to the phone settings. You should go to the option ‘Download updates’ in ‘Software update‘ If there is no file to download and install, try again later or wait for the update notification to appear. This update will also be available for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Tips we give you before updating your Samsung phone

Make sure you have enough battery for the installation to complete successfully without the phone turning off. If this happens and the installation is not carried out, you could leave your cell phone unused. With having an 80% battery in the phone we believe that it is enough, although if you want to make sure at all, fully charge it before updating or even keep it connected to the network while performing this operation.

It is convenient that you make a backup copy of your videos and photos. There are times when you will need to format your mobile after the update so that the system settles so you should investigate how to do it on your phone. After formatting you will only have to copy the backup folder back into your mobile storage.

Do you have enough space to install the update? There are times when the installation file can weigh hundreds of megabytes so we advise you to look at the cleaning applications preinstalled on your system or get some at the Play Store application store.

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