Samsung Galaxy S9 Galaxy Note 9 The user reports an accident …

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy S9 Galaxy Note    9 The user reports an accident ...

Earlier this month, Samsung began releasing a June security update. Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy The S9 series, which also adds new features such as some camera enhancements and the inclusion of the special night mode in the camera app. However, users who have successfully recovered this update report an error when trying to use night mode and claim that they cannot save a shot every time a motion is detected.

Galaxy S9 users (overview) turned to the Sammobile forum to voice concerns, but even Sammobiles staff reported that this issue was present in Galaxy Note 9 as well, running the June update. This error is said to occur about 90 percent of the time when trying to save images using the camera's night mode. The reported application crashes on the camera, with the error "camera error" and does not save the image.

Some users have noticed that this error occurs mainly if their hand trembles while taking a photo or if there is a moving subject in a frame, such as a passing car. While these scenarios tend to occur, the image should ideally be maintained regardless of whether the shot is blurred or not. Getting an error using shooting mode doesn't seem normal. One user also said that he received this error 90 percent of the time, even with a static frame and steady hands, which seemed to show it as a software bug.

While Samsung has not recognized this issue, changing the aspect ratio to 16: 9 from 4: 3 seems to temporarily get rid of this error message. Users are also tired of "cleaning data" from the camera app, which seems to fix this temporarily but still throws errors from time to time.

Samsung started rolling out new software updates earlier this month. Update adds night mode to Galaxy Note 9 (Review) and Galaxy S9 series, along with the June security patch. The cameras in both series also have Live Focus features of Galaxy S10 series, allowing you to add different background blur effects.

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