Samsung: Galaxy Self Note merged from next year

by Kelvin
Samsung: Galaxy Self Note merged from next year

Last year, these days, we told you the same thing: there is the possibility that Samsung decides to sell and establishes its most important smartphone lineups: Galaxy S is Galaxy Note. Moreover, those who have never said or thought: "This Note it's a Galaxy S with the pen! ".

Samsung towards the fusion of the top lines

Years ago, not too many years ago, there was a big difference between a smartphone in the range Galaxy S and one of the line Note. Starting from Galaxy S8, with the advent of the Plus model, things have drastically changed: the two product ranges have become progressively more and more similar.


Samsung: Galaxy Self Note merged from next year 2

According to the famous leaker EvLeaks, the time would be ripe: next year the two lines could be merged and in their place would be launched a single smartphone, or a Samsung Galaxy One. The news is therefore not absolutely official, but according to the leaker the source is reliable and we do not hesitate to believe him for a couple of reasons at least:

  • the two smartphone lineups are now similar in an almost embarrassing way: the only significant difference is actually the S-Pen;
  • Samsung would not risk remaining with a line of less leading devices: let's not forget that leaflets – sooner or later – will have to take off.

Therefore, perhaps from 2020 – venturing a hypothesis – in February / March of each year a "Galaxy One ”(or whatever it will be called) and in September a top-of-the-range leaflet. In our opinion, it makes perfect sense.

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