Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, this is the Korean rival of the iPad Pro

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, this is the Korean rival of the iPad Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, this is the Korean rival of the iPad Pro 2

Phones may be made larger and larger, but the fact that they have more space and are more powerful are not able to do everything you can do with a digital tablet. And is that if you need an ultralight computer where you can write by hand, draw or watch series without leaving your eyes, the tablets fulfill this function. Today we know Samsung's new proposal to rival the iPad Pro: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

This is Samsung's new powerful tablet

The tablet has been circulating on the Internet for months between design and rumors about its possible appearance and features. What was clear was that Samsung was looking in some way for a device that could stand up to the new iPad Pro. Apple It has caused a sensation for its extensive capabilities and the Korean firm could not be left behind.

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The truth is that ahead there is hardly any difference between the two devices. That is, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 it also has thin external frames that flank a screen 10.5 inch Super AMOLED with an 8 MPX front camera. It also has in this part a fingerprint sensor under the screen, perfect for unlocking the terminal using a most comfortable and safe pattern.

In the back we find a flat surface in most of its extension, with a double rear camera of 13 and 5 MPX and a small magnetic space to attach and load the new S Pen. Samsung's digital pen has also improved, giving it wireless functions to, for example, take photos without touching the tablet in addition to the new gestures (you can switch between cameras by moving the accessory in the air). This has a 0.35 mAh battery and also has its own mode of use inside the tablet. It is a software designed so that the user can take notes at any time and manage its characteristics such as its opacity.

As for the bowels of the Galaxy Tab S6, we find a processor Snapdragon 855 Accompanied by 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal memory, values ​​that as always vary the final price. GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, video playback in 8K at 30 fps or speakers with Dolby Atmos are some of its additional features.

Price and availability of the Galaxy Tab S6

Now that we know what the new tablet looks like Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 it's time to know its price and availability. Reservations will start next August 23rd and it will cost some 650 euros approximately in its most modest version. You just have to highlight two details: the tablet has a coverage with trackpad and keyboard that will cost half of those who book and also it is expected that later an LTE version will come out to work online with a mobile card that could cost a little more.