Samsung Galaxy The tab S4 sells for $ 150 in …

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Samsung Galaxy The tab S4 sells for $ 150 in ...

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Each Galaxy The S4 tab includes the S Pen, Samsung's multi-functional Bluetooth pen.

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TL; DR: Get a Samsung 64GB Galaxy The S4 tab costs just $ 499.99. This is usually $ 649.99, so you'll save 23%.


Nearly a decade after the launch of the first AppleIPad, the tablets "finally delivered on the promise of a" later PC "with a host of" productivity-driven features "that make it suitable for work and play, according to Ray Wong, professor of technology. from Mashable, who points to Samsung Galaxy S4 tab for example.

But this is what happens with most tablets on the market: they will be charged. Apparently, making portable devices that are powerful enough for productivity is expensive; Tab S4 starts at $ 650, and accessories like keyboards and mice cost more. For that kind of money, you could also buy a PC, right?

Well, not so fast. If you go to Amazon Right now, you can get Tab S4 10.5-inch with 64GB of storage for just $ 499.99, close to the lowest price on the site. (This fell to $ 497.99 for a few days last June.)

Samsung Galaxy The tab S4 sells for $ 150 in ... 2

The S4 tab features a bright and clear AMOLED display with touchscreen capabilities, and works seamlessly with the included Bluetooth S Pen stylus. Behind the screen, you'll find a quad speaker with the best Dolby Atmos surround sound and a remote microphone with Google Assistant.

Ideal for presentations and movies, the Tab S4 also features a Samsung DeX mode. When activated, this allows you to connect your tablet to a TV or monitor to make your content bigger and clearer.

Go to Amazon save 23% on Samsung 64GB Galaxy Tab S4 in its two options: black or gray.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 sells for $ 150 Amazon

Psst: do you need more storage? There is another version of Galaxy The S4 tab with 256GB capacity, and that's also $ 150 off Amazon: Generally $ 749.99, you can order it here in black or gray for just $ 599.99.


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