Samsung Galaxy To 2020; so will your cameras

by Kelvin

The cameras that will equip the Samsung has been leaked a few hours ago Galaxy To 2020 And we have surprises.

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These will be the Samsung models Galaxy To 2020

Samsung Galaxy By 2020 and its impressive cameras

First of all, if we start with the low and medium-low range, we have the Samsung Galaxy A21 and A31.

The mid-range is completed by A41, A51, A61, A71 and A81.

Finally, the mid-range premium or half-high the complete the Galaxy A91

The specifications of the cameras surprise

  • A21: Triple rear camera sensor with a configuration of 13MP + 8MP + 5MP the last two wide-angle and depth sensor.
  • A31: It will equip a triple camera, this time of 16MP + 8MP + 5MP.
  • A41: The main sensor will be 24 MP and the other two 8MP + 5MP.

Here is the most interesting thing about Samsung Galaxy TO

We have seen that the A21, A31 and A41 will have triple camera configurations on the back.

Currently these models have a dual camera configuration.

From next year these terminals will have triple camera configurations.

  • A51: 32MP sensor as main, secondary 12MP ultrawide, another 12 MP with zoom optical x2 and the one you will use for 5MP depth of field.
  • A61: 48 MP sensor as primary, 8MP secondary ultrawide, telephoto with zoom 10 MP optical x2 and 5 MP depth sensor.
  • A71: 48MP sensor as main, one of 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto with zoom optical x2 and finally a ToF sensor.
  • A81: 64MP sensor as main, 16MP with ultra wide angle, 12MP telephoto with zoom optical x2 or x5 (unconfirmed) and a ToF sensor.

By the end, the possible debut of the 108 MP camera would be in the range Galaxy To 2020

Past days, Samsung and Xiaomi together presented the 108 MP sensor, according to this list that sensor will be reserved for the model more top of the Samsung Galaxy To 2020.

  • Galaxy A91: Main sensor of 108 MP, 16 MP wide angle, 12MP telephoto with zoom optical x5 and a ToF sensor.

Crazy what is happening with the cameras of the smartphones

Samsung Galaxy To 2020; so will your cameras 3

That said we think A real madness what Samsung prepares for 2020.

Clarify something important, we have said countless times that the size of the sensors It does not guarantee better images and greater detail.

If all this is confirmed, the other manufacturers are very attentive.

There is no doubt that the company is firmly committed to photography for next year on its Samsung Galaxy By 2020, we will see what the other manufacturers do.

Finally we can say that if this information is confirmed we can say that the mid-range of 2020 will become very interesting.


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