Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, a smartwatch to call without the mobile

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, a smartwatch to call without the mobile

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, a smartwatch to call without the mobile 1

Although for some it is stagnant, the truth is that the smart watch market continues, although not as vigorously as a few years ago. Samsung is one of the companies that bet and continues to bet heavily on smartwatch, and today it has presented its new gadget: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

Galaxy Watch Active2: Customizable Design

Designed in two different sizes (44 mm and 40 mm in diameter) and, in two styles: one in light aluminum with a casual fluoroelastomer strap (FKM) and the other in premium stainless steel with a leather strap. These smartwatches can be customized with a range of additional strap and watch face options much more elegant.


The Galaxy Watch Active2 update the characteristic rotating frame of Samsung, making it digital to make it even easier to navigate while maximizing the screen size. In this way, the rotating touch frame mounted on the curved screen Super AMOLED, Turn both ways so that the user can easily select their favorite applications. In addition, the enhanced One UI user interface offers a much simpler, clearer and more adapted browsing experience.

But we must also mention the detail of its customizable design, since the watch comes with My Style algorithmic function which allows you to take a picture of your dress, choose between five different color patterns and the dial of your watch will change in seconds adapting to what you wear in a chameleonic plan.

Exercise and Stress Monitoring

The wearable can be monitored manually more than 39 workouts, with seven of them automatically integrated, such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, elliptical machine and dynamic workouts. With the updated app Running Coach, the user can control his race pace in real time, in addition to enjoying seven different race programs. The Galaxy Watch Active2 also incorporates new health sensors on the back, which take readings much faster, so that the user knows that he is getting information quickly and thus maximize his exercise routine.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 too help the user to monitor stress levels in real time through Samsung Health, Samsung's popular health and wellness app. In addition, through an integration with the leading application of sleep and meditation, Calm, now available in English, German and Spanish, Provides access to guided meditation programs. And thanks to the improved sleep analysis algorithms, the user can achieve much healthier sleep patterns (through the four stages of sleep), which helps him recover at night and prepares him for the next day.

Call without relying on a mobile

The Galaxy Watch Active2 allows the user to connect with other devices, even when they are out or on the move. And the model with c4G activity allows you to make and receive calls freely from the watch -Without having to depend on being linked to a mobile-, connect to social networks with just a touch of the finger and thus offer greater interaction with its content on these platforms. In addition, you can now like a post on social networks and even watch a short video directly from your wrist.

As part of the family Galaxy, the watch can be paired with a mobile Galaxy to allow for example take pictures, start recording a video, preview the images on the watch, switch between the front and rear lenses, Set a timer and check the final result of the photo or video – all this from your wrist. You can also use the wireless charging of your mobile Galaxy for charge the smartwatch in an easy and automatic way.

At the moment there is no price or date of departure in Spain, although in markets such as the United Kingdom Galaxy Watch Active2 will be released at the end of September, just next month and after the Galaxy Note 10.

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