Samsung: How to Listen to TV Sound on Mobile Phone

by Kelvin
Samsung: How to Listen to TV Sound on Mobile Phone

Like all of our devices are more connected every day Very close connections are created between our mobile and other gadgets. One of our mobile phone’s best friends may be wearable in the form of smart watches or smartphones, but recently, TVs have also become an element that offers many possibilities with our terminal.

Samsung: How to listen to TV sound

Samsung It has a vast ecosystem of connected products that can be the cornerstone of our mobile phone. The Korean company pre-installs the SmartThings app on its devices, with which they can control various devices, including interesting functions, using our TV. One of the most interesting is the opportunity listening to content on TV from our mobile, connection of headphones. This system eliminates the need to connect the headphones to the TV, as in many cases there is no cable long enough for our mobile phone to act as a link.


Listen to TV from your mobile with headphones

This is a great option when our TV doesn’t have Bluetooth or we don’t have Bluetooth headphones. In this way, we can use our mobile phone’s ordinary headphones, connected to a 3.5 mm jack listen to TV without disturbing anyone. Obviously, this feature is valid for a huge number of Samsung mobile phones, including older terminals such as Galaxy S6, but it is discarded in those who remove this connector.

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  • TV and mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Headphones and mobile phone with 3.5mm jack
  • SmartThings app is installed (download from this link if you don’t have it)

How to activate the function

In order to listen to TV content from our mobile we will need to open the SmartThings app and click on our TV in the menu. After that, we will need to go to the bottom menu and select the “Play sound from your TV on mobile phone” option. Now all that remains is to connect the headphones to the mobile phone to start listening to the TV sound.

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Can I do this with other devices?

If you own a Samsung mobile phone and TV, you shouldn’t have a problem as this feature was created for the company’s product ecosystem. However, the function can be compatible with other mobile phones and other TVs of different brands. Thus, even in this case, this compatibility cannot be guaranteed, therefore, to eliminate any doubts, it is necessary to test each device.