Samsung is going to shrink the hole in the display in the next mid-range (photo)

by Kelvin
Samsung is going to shrink the hole in the display in the next mid-range (photo) 1

The issue of notch has been strongly felt by the community of users and technology enthusiasts since the advent of iPhone X in 2017. In the following months, however, several alternative proposals were made for maximize the display surface and the latest trend seems to be to integrate the front camera below the screen. However, before the necessary technology will also be available on models that are not top of the range, time will necessarily pass.

Samsung therefore intends to propose for its own mid-range models of the series Galaxy A and Galaxy M as seen on the last ones Galaxy S10 e Note 10: a hole in the display. As revealed by two patents filed at the end of 2018 at the Korean intellectual property office, the company has assumed the production of two virtually identical screens, except for the location of the hole, top right one, top left 'other.


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The certification does not specify if the solution is designed for LCD or OLED displays, but the thing that is immediately noticed is that the dimensions of the hole for the camera are very small compared to what we have seen so far. Waiting to see if the market will move towards folding smartphones, full-screen smartphones or with the sensor below the screen, we can wait for the arrival of new models with smaller and smaller holes. Or maybe it will all remain on paper, given that in the end it's just patents (which you can find here and here).

Via: Let's Go Digital

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