Samsung is said to be considering merging Galaxy S and Note the line

by Kelvin
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For years, Samsung has used two top phones per year: hours Galaxy S in spring and Galaxy Note in the fall However, new reports say that may change soon.

Samsung is reportedly thinking about its future Galaxy brand of smartphone, and that includes the possibility of eliminating the difference between Galaxy S and Note a family This change can manifest itself in different ways, said the famous Leaker. Evan Blass, including the possibility "Galaxy One "instead of one Galaxy S11


"From S and Note The overlapping features are so close that one possibility is to simply combine them on a first half phone, basically an S series with an S-Pen, "Blass continues. He goes on to say that if Galaxy Fold Acting in accordance with Samsung's expectations, the company hopes to launch a future model as a new boat in the second round instead of a new one. Galaxy Note The phone.

This change is said to be very aerial, so there is a possibility that Samsung may make different changes. Galaxy S and Note call or leave the current strategy alone.

Fuse Galaxy S and Note The line may make sense for Samsung. Having a big screen has always been one of the main features Galaxy Note cell phones, but because smartphone screens in general continue to grow, Galaxy S and Note The cell phone size is getting closer. Only this year Galaxy S10 and S10 + launch with 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch displays and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 came up with the 6.3 inch screen

Then there is the naming thing. Now we enter double digits Galaxy S and Note name, the names of these new cell phones will be a little difficult to say. It's not the name "Galaxy S14 "sounds a little strange? This brand realignment may give Samsung a chance to drop numbers entirely or at least start with new ones"Galaxy A "device.

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