Samsung Leads TV Market for 15th Year in a Row, Research Says

by Kelvin
Samsung Leads TV Market for 15th Year in a Row, Research Says

A survey conducted by Omdia, the global market research office, revealed that Samsung was the world’s leading TV salesperson in 2020. The record made the South Korean company achieve a notable milestone: the 15th year in a row of market leadership of TVs.

In the last quarter of last year, Samsung had a market share of 31.8%. Last year’s consolidated figure showed that 31.9% of the television set sector was dominated by the company. LG and Sony completed the podium and represented 16.5% and 9.1% of the market, respectively.

Omdia’s report states that, in the case of QLED handsets, Samsung sold 7.9 million units. Regarding specific sizes, the giant stands out particularly in the 80-inch or more segment: more than half of these televisions that were sold in the world were from the South Korean company.



In a post on its official website, Samsung celebrated the data. According to the company, the result of the last 15 years shows an “agenda of new innovative technologies, covering several categories, reaching a wide range of consumers and uses”.

“Consumers use screens every day to entertain themselves, connect with loved ones, work, exercise at home and more. And we’ve seen how different lifestyles and routines have not only evolved but converged,” said Jong-hee Han, president of the virtual display business.

In another publication, the giant published an infographic with the main releases since 2006. Industry leadership began with The Bordeaux LCD TV. Last year, the highlight was the Micro LED device.

Samsung’s best in a 65-inch smart television at 8K resolution. It has built-in Bixby and Alexa smart assistant, ultra-thin edges, and out-of-the-ordinary images and sound.