Samsung may launch smartphone with graphene battery as early as 2021

by Kelvin

The capacity of our Smartphone batteries could increase dramatically in the coming years. And it just depends on when graphene batteries become commonly used.

Also, from what we can see in the industry movements, Samsung phones can now be the first to take advantage of this new form of battery. This is in line with trusted industry advocate Evan Blass. He tweeted that Samsung will have a smartphone with this technology in late 2020 or early 2021.


Blass wrote: “Lithium-ion batteries are… below ideal. Samsung expects to have at least one device next year or by 2021, I am told, that will feature a graphene battery. half an hour, they still need to increase capacity while reducing costs. ”


Graphene has begun to be nicknamed the “wonderful material” of technology thanks to its many properties. These include the ability to charge incredibly fast, remain unchanged under intense pressure and last for a long time.

A Samsung phone with a graphene battery could have an impressive battery life and would be an innovative technology for a competitive phone industry. Huawei Mate 20 X used a graphene cooling system, but as a battery material, the technology is still looking for new smartphones.

Evan Blass says technology could come in 2020 or 2021 – due to uncertainty between these years, we don't expect to see technology on Samsung Galaxy S11, which will be available around February 2020, as it is too early for a technology that may not come out this year.

The two obvious choices, therefore, are the Samsung Galaxy Note 11, the successor of Galaxy Note 10, which we expect to see in August 2020, or the Galaxy S12, which will be launched in early 2021. Both will be flagship devices, so it would make sense for Samsung to debut a technology in them that could be the future of smartphones.

Samsung Line A

Another possible phone would be a future smartphone Galaxy A. Samsung has already used this more affordable track as a testing ground for new ideas, as with Samsung Galaxy A80 which has a new pop up inversion camera panel.

So if it were to test graphene technology could do it on one of these phones before a broader release.

The technology that comes in a phone Galaxy Is supported by Evan Blass, classifying the technology for a unique future “phone” such as the S and Note always come out in series with several different phones. However, each device Galaxy A is standalone, so it would make sense for technology to come in just one device.


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