Samsung patented a cell phone with three drop-down screens

Samsung patented a cell phone with three drop-down screens 1

Samsung has become the technology company that sells the most mobile phones worldwide, a success that has been achieved based on innovation. South Korean companies have never been reluctant to include major changes to their terminals and have seen this courage appreciated on most occasions. We have seen it with a hole in the screen. Galaxy S10 or news included with Galaxy Fold. On this occasion, we discussed new patents that became the basis for new terminals. This is the assumption Samsung mobile phone with three drop-down screens.

No, this is not a joke. Samsung has been certified in KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) A new patent that shows a device that not everyone knows. This is a terminal that has Three folding screens placed one on top of the other folded in a fan shape. We tell you all the details.


Samsung configured a terminal with three screens

So far, we have seen foldable, flexible and even scrollable cell phones, what has yet to be revealed is the device Samsung is preparing. We are talking about a totally new terminal that will have a total Three panels that rotate on the same axis until fully deployed. Without a doubt, one of the strangest systems we have seen so far will show the world a true innovation at the design level.

Along with the patent, there is a description that says "the design represents the invention of a device with a screen to display images that are smartphones, tablets or multimedia terminals". Namely, a device with Three simultaneous displays are placed on top of each other that can be used in different ways depending on the situation and circumstances. All of them will rotate around the perfect lubricating axis with which the jerks could be avoided.

Samsung patented a cell phone with three drop-down screens 2

So far, everything seems interesting, the real problem arises when you really want to use this design. Samsung's new project will be too complex when it adapts to the application, since we remember that it will have a total of three rotating screens. The same applies to battery problems as it will be very difficult to supply power to all three displays simultaneously. We will see what the project consists of.

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