Samsung patents the papyrus mobile, its new idea for folding mobile?

by Kelvin
Galaxy Fold

Patents leave us with all kinds of crazy ideas or possibilities that we will see on mobile phones in the coming years. The last one is from Samsung and it is a new way to face folding mobiles and how they could be in the future. Samsung has patented a new phone in papyrus format, something different from what we have seen so far in the brand's mobile phones.


Samsung already has its Galaxy Fold presented and it is expected to go on sale very soon, although for a very exclusive market. Even so, the brand continues to prepare new models and new ways of presenting these folding screens that are already a reality and in which many brands work. In recent times we have heard about a rolling mobile by Samsung and now a patent from the Korean company that shows us a papyrus format has come to light.

Samsung Folding Mobile

It is a device with a panel that would be unwound and turned into a screen. We would have, as we see in the images, A telephone with a cylinder next to a prism. The logical thing is that in the cylinder all the phone's components would go and by pulling the premium we could take out the screen and use it in large format. It would fulfill its task of having a large mobile in reduced format while folded but it seems that it will be difficult for this design to become a phone soon.

As almost always in these cases, the patent does not necessarily have to end up becoming a telephone but Samsung can polish your idea

Other different designs

It is not the first d"strange" and unexpected iseño that we see in a mobile phone with a folding screen and only a few days ago a patent allowed us to see a mobile in book format. Google patented only a few days ago a design with flexible screen but not only with one but with several folding screens that you could navigate as if it were a Classic binding and joined by a cylinder. In this cylinder would be the memory, the processor or the battery as we see in Samsung's new patent.

Companies are still looking for the perfect design to launch mobile phones in the future and that are comfortable and useful for users. We'll see when they start to get popular and if they go beyond a simple screen that gets bigger.

Google Folding

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