Samsung publishes a new video with all the details

by Kelvin
Galaxy Fold: la preinscripción está abierta en EEUU ¿Lanzamiento inminente?

The flexible technology It shows the world as one of the most important trends of today. Within a few years, many brands will have their folding device, and the advancement of this type of smartphones It has already come true in some companies like Samsung or Huawei. However, the continuous delays have diminished the interest of the users for a technology in which the reliability does not stand out for being one of its maxims.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold there for the month of February and imposed the release date for April 26. However, and after the occasional negative test, the company's first folding mobile has been forced to postpone its release date several times. Now, everything seems to indicate that the Galaxy Fold It will be a reality over the next few weeks, so Samsung has wanted to bring out a video with all the changes Take a look!


This is the new Galaxy Fold

Folding mobiles have not landed in the best way in today's market. As he Galaxy Fold as the Mate X have been removed from the circulation due to structural problems, but it seems that these impediments have remained in the past, at least for the Samsung device. The South Korean company has marked the release date for mid october and has wanted to publish a new video with all the news that has reached the terminal.

In this small piece we can see some of the most prominent changes such as the size of the screen or the new reinforcements incorporated on both sides of the hinge. Although we must not overlook the internal improvements integrated through a completely new interface that allows the Access to apps with one hand. At this point some functionalities such as the multi-active window or application continuity which allows users to change the use of apps from the cover to the main screen.

It should be noted that Samsung has shown greater interest in the secondary display in this latest version. From now on, you can check some applications such as mail from this panel. In addition, each user can adjust the dimensions of the screens used in the Multi-active mode to consume the content in the most personalized way possible.

Do you like the changes integrated in the Galaxy Fold?

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