Samsung remains in the logo How to fix it?


Although we sometimes think that our devices make our lives easier because of how valuable they are, mainly when they fail, they bring us many complications to our daily life. You must realize that the technology is not perfect and it has failed many times, so you must remain calm because this time we give you a way to end the Samsung problem that remains in the logo.


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Why did this happen?

This happens because the loop is created when the smartphone starts, due to a bad firmware update, after rooting the wrong phone or installing files that damage the device. These three causes are the most common in this problem that directly affects our mobile devices.

How to prevent this error from happening?

The Samsung remains in the logo every time one of the causes mentioned above occurs. The most suitable way to take care of your cell phone from this problem is to never root your cell phone if you do not know how to do it or leave it to an inexperienced person, because this is one of the main reasons why this problem occurs. By avoiding this, we don't have to endure the nasty issues that make the bootloop stay in a loop.

Samsung remains on the logo. How do you solve this problem?

To deal with Samsung remaining on the logo, you need to do a full reset. Namely, reset the cell phone with factory data. This means that all the information on our cell phone will be lost. If you do not want to lose information, it is recommended from time to time to back up all your information.

To do this process, we have to put the phone into recovery mode, the first thing you need to do is remove the battery and replace it to turn off the phone, then you need to press the power button, start and increase the volume at the same time. After doing this, a menu will appear and we will search using the volume up and down options “wipe data / restore factory defaults” and press the power button to begin resetting the phone.

This problem is inconvenient for users of mobile devices like Samsung, but now you know how to keep Samsung on the logo, it is not a problem on your device. For more information, visit this video:

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