Samsung screen Galaxy Fold This is very fragile


On the occasion of its next foldable mobile phone launch, Galaxy Fold, Samsung released a new ad where Suggest users to take care of the screen. In just one minute, the manufacturer offers recommendations for 2,000 new euros terminals that will land in Spain in mid-October.

The video mentions that No need to add additional screen protectors, because it has a factory protective layer. It also talks about a new hinge mechanism, one of the features that the manufacturer has updated to prevent dust and foreign matter from seeping under the screen. [/ embed]

Samsung said that "a smartphone as extraordinary as this deserves treatment like the others," he says. the screen is very fragile And it may be damaged if we don't touch it lightly or keep it away from dust and water.

Thus anticipating this folding mechanism with those who remain closed, including that magnet they can interfere with other objects that you carry in your bag, such as coins, keys or credit cards. Samsung mentioned in the video that it offers additional support to terminal buyers to provide a complete experience.

After several months of delay, that Galaxy Fold ready for sale in spain. Samsung's list of recommendations makes sense if we consider that it is a terminal that costs twice as much as a phone premium. Still, that company seems like it healing in health, with your new ad.

Earlier in the month, we had a chance to test a better foldable mobile version that would hit stores and concluded that The initial feeling has not changed much.Even if the adjustments are made on the screen and are ending and ending from the hinge area clearly, they feel smoother. [/ embed]

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