Samsung Style S51 Pen 2019, the most complete 2 in 1 on the market

by Kelvin

Style S51 Pen 2019 is a 2 in 1 notebook with an S Pen that makes life easier for editing professionals and content creators; check out our review

The notebook Style S51 Pen is one of the 2 in 1 notebooks that shines in a market that does not have many competitors. Focused especially on mobility, productivity and performance, the device is a step above most 2-in-1 notebooks that try to be a tablet-to-computer mix and end up not standing out. O Style S51 Pen, in turn, brings desktop performance, Tablet mode it's a pen S pen on a notebook less than one pound.


THE Samsung made available the only version of Style S51 Pen available in Brazil, with processor Intel Core-i7 8th generation, 256GB SSD 8GB RAM for testing, and after 2 weeks as my primary working medium, you can check out our full product review.

Design and construction

O Style S51 Pen impresses with its lightness and at first does not appear to be quite powerful. It has only 995 grams and according to Samsung, is the lightest 2 in 1 notebook in the world. Such lightness is only possible thanks to the Metal 12, a magnesium and aluminum alloy that makes the notebook light, but without losing resistance. During our tests, I carried it with me at events, parks, and even trips, and the product was not a nuisance in the backpack – it didn't even look like it was there.

The finish of the Style S51 Pen takes the name to the letter: the silver color is elegant and the material, although not so sophisticated, gives the impression of a well-built notebook. One detail I didn't like and that breaks the design a bit was the slightly larger edges than needed, more specifically below the screen where the logo is located. Samsung. The same is said at the top, where the webcam it's the IR camera.

Style S51 Pen's edges are really big and it breaks the design a bitStyle S51 Pen's edges are really big and it breaks the design a bit

Inputs and slots

On the left side there is only one USB 3.0 port, one microSD slot and the power button. On the right side there is an HDMI port, a USC-C standard USB 3.0 input, a P2 (3.5mm) headphone input and a battery charging connector. Remember that the USC-C port of the Style S51 Pen Can be used for recharging as well.

  • Style S51 Pen SideUSB 3.0 port, one microSD slot and power button
  • Style S51 Pen SideOne HDMI port, one USC-C USB 3.0 standard input, one P2 (3.5mm) headphone jack and one battery charging connector

In the extremities, the S pen lies at the front in a somewhat curious position. Access to it is easy but to get it out of the compartment gives a job that was not necessary. Here's how it works: To take the pen out, you need to give it a little push before you take it out. As soon as it pops out, you need to pull it out, but the notebook needs to be slightly tilted for it to be removed.

When it came time to put it back in, there were countless times I “missed” fitting the S pen and I used the notebook that way, without realizing it. By taking the name Pen, I wish at least that access to it would be less laborious.

Keyboard and touchpad

Just as I mentioned in the review of XPS 13, gives Dell, I had to go through a relearn with smaller laptop keyboards. As a lifelong desktop user with a more spacious keyboard, the process of getting used to was marked by a number of wrong messages and erroneous commands. Fortunately, after some testing with this type of keyboard, I no longer see any problems using it and even love it.

In this case, the keyboard Style S51 Pen pleased me more than the XPS 13. The keys are a bit more spacious and prevent accidental touches from being made too often – I still made a few typos, but it was more natural. It is also made of plastic in conjunction with Metal 12, which gives a smoother feel when typing.

There is a fingerprint reader just below the "Enter" button to unlock the notebook and other compatible applications. I had no problem with authentication and read accuracy, which made me very happy.

Backlit keyboard should be standard on all laptops today. At the Style S51 Pen there's the backlight, even though it has a dubious color choice. Instead of white or blue, the Samsung opted for a kind of green, which has little to do with the design of the notebook. In typing in the dark, I was not bothered by the different color, is more a matter of aesthetics.

Backlit keyboard produces a color that doesn't match the notebook but doesn't bother youBacklit keyboard produces a color that doesn't match the notebook but doesn't bother you

Unfortunately, despite being made in Brazil, the notebook has an American standard keyboard, which can be a hindrance for those who are not used to using shortcuts to use the key (ç), for example. I myself had to go through a complete reeducation on the key shortcuts (/), (ç) and (?), And it was pretty annoying at first. Once I got used to it, typing was much faster.

As for the touchpad, I don't particularly enjoy using it and prefer to connect the notebook to a wireless mouse. However, during the tests he was quite comfortable and of considerably good size.


O Style S51 Pen It has a 13.3-inch touchscreen LCD display, which is a standard size for notebooks in this segment. When in computer mode, viewing is comfortable and compact. It's the ideal screen size for those who like to charge their device to multiple places.

Full HD screen pleases for quality, but ideally 4K for price and proposalFull HD screen pleases for quality, but ideally 4K for price and proposal

When in Tablet Mode, you have 13.3 inches to watch movies, play games, and work. As the focus of Style S51 Pen is to please designers or editing professionals, just draw the S pen and move creativity to paper – ops, to the tablet.

Tablet mode is ideal for writing, watching movies and series, and playing Tablet mode is ideal for writing, watching movies and series, and playing

The maximum display resolution is Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels), which is considered good for the size but not so much for the price and the product proposal. Because it is the “Best and most compact experience for designers and content creators”, the least that Style S51 Pen supposed to bring was 4K resolution something that the XPS 13 2019 bring Despite being more economical, for R $ 8,499 reais is the feeling of “Expected so much more”.

However, it's not that Full HD is bad after all. The colors are well defined, the brightness is intense and at more challenging viewing angles, may have a loss of tone, but not a negative point.

Already the touchscreen is satisfactory and does not stand out at any point. The display responds easily, but in places closer to the edge may not recognize the touch – sometimes happened while navigating.

Processing, memory and software

Intel Core-i7 processor coupled with 256GB SSD makes Style S51 Pen very powerfulIntel Core-i7 processor coupled with 256GB SSD makes Style S51 Pen very powerful

Inside Style S51 Pen there is a processor Intel Core-i7 8550U eighth generation, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD. In the graphic part, there is a Intel UHD Graphics 620, which recently received a patch with game enhancements.

During our tests, thanks to the SSD, the notebook achieved an average system boot time of 10 seconds, a more than impressive mark for such a compact device. Internet browsing, programs and usability with S pen were perfect and the Style S51 Pen did not suffer once.

Even the integrated video card UHD Graphics 620 not being focused on games, I tested some popular games on the notebook and Asphaut 9 it ran very well, so with Cuphead. Don't even think about using the notebook to play Fortnite – it barely rotates at 15fps. However, Overwatch, which is lighter, you can play it at a maximum of 30fps, which is not at all bad but not ideal either. If you want a notebook of the line Style to play heavier games, the Style S51 Pro This is the best option as it has a dedicated GPU.

The operating system that runs on S51 Pen it's the Windows 10 Home, which is the most traditional notebook version of Microsoft. There is nothing to complain about from the OS except for any bugs that appear.

S pen

Most highlight of the model, the S pen is present in all its glory and functionality to enhance the user experience in content creation. As soon as you get the S pen, a floating menu, such as when you take your pen off smartphones of the line Galaxy Note, appears and gives you some options, such as how to draw on the screen, crop, make notes, among others.

Unfortunately, the S pen not the most current model – in fact, it's the Galaxy Note 8th still. No gyroscope either Low energy bluetooth, the pen works only when approached from the notebook as it is receiving power while in use.

However, when it comes to assisting content creation equipment, S pen has a very good performance. I am not a professional designer, but I risked some drawings (of clouds, sun and dolls), at different pressures and the pen recognized them very well – according to Samsung, are 4,096 in all. In addition S pen recognized all the shapes and inclinations that I wrote and drew.

The battery of Style S51 Pen It is 5.120mAh and until it did not disappoint. During the day, I stayed in the office most of the time with the notebook on and averaged 5-6 hours of more moderate use, with Wifi on, maximum brightness, internet browsing, and file editing.

If you risk playing from time to time or taking the S pen To make several notes or draw, this average drops to 4 hours. It's not impressive and it would be great if there were more autonomy, but in my day to day it was satisfactory.

The sound of the notebook is stereo and is at the bottom. It is high, but the quality is slightly lower than present in the XPS 13, gives Dell. There are almost no bass around here, and if you're a music buff, opt for a headset or risk an equalizer program.

In addition to digital unlocking, the Style S51 Pen has a IR camera, which is responsible for a safer facial unlocking. The unlock is good and didn't really recognize other faces or photos. Next to it is an integrated webcam with HD resolution (720p), which is not impressive but does its job well (video conferencing).

Final considerations

2 in 1 notebooks in Brazil are common, but the extra of having a stylus pen for work only Samsung It has. Basically everything in Style S51 Pen works by the proposal but not impressive to justify the suggested price of R $ 8,499.00. It has a good screen, fast SSD processing, medium battery and S pen brings features and functionality that can only appeal to a specific audience.

If you are not this audience, the most logical is to bet on other models of the line itself Style S51like the traditional or the S51 Prowhich depending on the choice may offer a lower price or more robust configurations.

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Samsung Style S51 Pen Technical Specifications

SpecificationsStyle S51 Pen 2019
Dimensions31.1 x 20.7 x 1.46 ~ 1.65 cm (995g)
Screen13.3 ″ Full HD LED (1920 x 1080)
ProcessorIntel® Core ™ i7 8565U
(1.80 GHz up to 4.60 GHz 8 MB L3 Cache)
Memory and
256GB SSD storage
Graphics cardIntegrated UHD Graphics 620
ONLYWindows 10 Home
Multimedia3W Stereo Speakers (1.5 W x 2)
SoundAlive ™
Built-in microphone
HD Webcam (720p – IR Camera)
Network802.11 ac wave2 Wi-Fi Card (2 x 2)
Bluetooth v5.0
Inputs and slots1 HDMI output
1 USB-C ™
1 USB 3.0
MicroSD Multimedia Card Reader
1 headphone out / mic in (combo)
1 power connector
TypingUS-International Standard Backlit Keyboard
DrumsBattery 39 Wh
AC 45 W Adapter Supply
ColorSilver with black edges
PriceR $ 8,499.00

Samsung Style S51 Pen 2019 Notebook

7.9 / 10

Samsung Style S51 Pen 2019, the most complete 2 in 1 on the market

The Style S51 Pen 2019 is a 2 in 1 notebook with an S Pen that makes life easier for editing professionals and content creators.