Samsung test Galaxy A21s: the entry level that has everything a great?

by Kelvin
Test Samsung Galaxy A21s

Among the today plethora of smartphones Samsung stamped Galaxy, for a few weeks now we have found a certain Galaxy A21s. The latter wants to be the direct descendant of Galaxy A21e, and constitutes the entry level of the Korean giant, with a selling price set at 239 euros “only”. With its flagship airs, the Samsung Galaxy Is A21s worth a look? Elements of answer in our complete test!

The Samsung Galaxy A21s put to the test!

Posted at 239 € at Samsung (and less than 200 € at some resellers), the Galaxy A21s is an entry-level smartphone, which revolves around a large 6.5 ” IPS panel, in 720p quality. A smartphone with the false air of Galaxy S20, with its front camera housed with a punch and a quadruple photo module at the back, which is powered by an Exynos 850 processor, coupled with 3 GB of RAM, all under Android 10.


Once removed from its packaging, the Galaxy A21s makes a good impression, with a very successful design, a “Prismatic Blue” color that has its effect, and this impression of holding in your hands a smartphone that has all the excellent quality / price ratio.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s: the entry level that has everything a great? 11

As long as we are a minimum used to smartphones “Modern” (understand “giants”), the general ergonomics of the smartphone are in tune with the times.

Screen and performance of Galaxy A21s

Once powered on, the Samsung Galaxy A21s continues on a good momentum, with a screen that certainly lacks finesse (720 x 1600 pixels), but which is nevertheless very correct in terms of responsiveness and brightness. Of course, those used to OLED panels will be horrified by a necessarily lower contrast, but the main flaw of the display remains the inability to make any adjustments. No good or bad surprises here, with a screen all in all very much in line with what we are entitled to expect from an entry-level smartphone.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s: the entry level that has everything a great? 13

In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy A21s was not designed to compete with the top of the board, and it shows pretty quickly. In the context of traditional use (SMS, telephone, web, etc.), the smartphone is doing very well, with a very fluid interface and not the slightest weakness to report. However, some slowdowns occur when you want to juggle various applications that are a little more demanding. Ditto when the smartphone performs updates or installations from the PlayStore.

The same goes for games, certainly with the possibility of enjoying many mobile titles, but the most technically advanced games will have a hard time getting through properly here. As long as you don’t ask too much, the Galaxy A21s holds up on the performance side, even if we will often witness small jerks and other weaknesses of all kinds.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s: the entry level that has everything a great? 15

In addition, there is really too limited storage space. Indeed, you should know that the Samsung Galaxy A21s comes with a storage space (on paper) of just 32GB, and 19.5GB actually user-usable. It is little … too little, and it forces the user to turn to a microSD card as long as one wants to store a few applications and a few photos / videos.

Camera Galaxy A21s

Regarding the photo section, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is equipped with a module made up of four sensors. There is thus a main wide-angle 48-megapixel model, supported by 8-megapixel (ultra-wide-angle), 2-megapixel (macro) and a depth sensor (2-megapixel) sensors.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s: the entry level that has everything a great? 17

In theory, the Samsung Galaxy A21s should therefore offer a photo section worthy of the name. In practice, if the shots are rather very successful in conditions of good light, the finding tends to be reversed as soon as the light conditions tend to weaken.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s

At night, the photos lose a lot of detail, and the shots tend to suffer from a rather blurry rendering, with a serious lack of sharpness. If during the day, most of the photos are captured in a more correct quality, at night, the result is often much less flattering, with sometimes totally missed photos, just good to be sent back to the trash.

In “wide angle” mode (80 °), the shots remain very acceptable overall, even if the seasoned eye will quickly see some small defects on the edges of the image. In “ultra wide-angle” mode (123 °), we “take advantage” of a fairly marked mode.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s: the entry level that has everything a great? 19

So of course, this allows you to take a step back, but the image quality suffers a lot, with in particular a distortion effect which is sometimes quite marked. On the video side, no 4K here, and it will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with this good old Full HD resolution, for the front camera, as for the main sensor.

A pleasant everyday smartphone, and enduring

As mentioned a little above, provided that it is not completely hermetic smartphones over 6 ″, the Samsung Galaxy A21s offers very acceptable ergonomics, with buttons (volume and standby) that fall perfectly under the fingers, and a very responsive screen.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s

Admittedly, the smartphone can quickly become annoying and distort more than a pocket of jeans, but this has been the price to pay for a few years now to take advantage of such a large slab. We can also curse (a little) in front of a fingerprint sensor located (at the back) a little too high.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s

Regarding the interface, no bad surprises here, with the OneUI 2.1 overlay based on Android 10. Apart from a few small Samsung (and Microsoft) applications installed automatically and a few small aesthetic flicks here and there, the together remains very close to a pure Android, as is now the case on many smartphones.

Samsung test Galaxy A21s

Autonomy side, the Samsung Galaxy A21s comes with a massive 5000mAh battery. Suffice to say that with such a block and a fairly modest technical sheet, the smartphone is supposed to offer an autonomy worthy of the greatest. At this little game, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is rather enduring, and manages without batting an eyelid to hold out for more than 48 hours, before having to go through the charging box (via its USB Type-C socket).

Too bad, however, that the recharging is not a little faster, since it will still be necessary to wait a little more than 2 hours before finding a fully re-inflated battery.

My opinion after the Samsung test Galaxy A21s

Designed for all those looking for an entry-level smartphone (Samsung badge), the Galaxy A21s offers a neat look, a decent screen (despite a limited resolution) and a photo section which, far from being extraordinary, will suit all those who wish to immortalize, without great pretension, a few moments of life. However, the whole thing lacks a bit of performance, and a lot of storage. A Samsung Galaxy A21s relatively attractive therefore overall, but which today has to face particularly fierce competition in the ruthless entry-level market.

Samsung Galaxy A21s

€ 239

Samsung Galaxy A21s

Autonomy and recharging

9.0 / 10

WE love

  • Rather pleasing to the eye, as to the touch
  • Autonomy
  • Sober and uncluttered interface

We like less

  • Rather limited performance
  • The photo section
  • Only 19 GB of storage !!
  • The fingerprint sensor, a little high
  • More than 2 hours to re-inflate the battery