Samsung tests the Android 10 update on its Galaxy S9, will arrive soon

by Kelvin
Samsung tests the Android 10 update on its Galaxy S9, will arrive soon

As we told you the other day Galaxy S9 are on the list to upgrade to Android 10. Samsung is not usually one of the brands that faster releases updates but that may be changing: they are already testing Android 10 on both S9 models officially.

This means that they are already working on the latest version of Android and that it has less than you might think, although everything has to be nuanced. Keep reading to know all the details.

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Android 10 is already being tested on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Thanks to the source of this article we can confirm that the new firmware with serial numbers G960FXXU7DSI3 Y G965FXXU7DSI3 It is based on Android 10 (this can be known by the change from C to D) and is intended for the S9 and S9 Plus. It is normal considering the company's roadmap.

android pie samsung galaxy s9 plus update

This is the first step so that we can enjoy the new version of One UI which will in fact be redesigned With this new version. Of course, at the moment we do not have much idea of ​​what it will bring. It has not reached any mobile officially.

It is still in beta for the S10 and Note 10 that will be the first to update as is logical. Until you finish and go globally to these two complete ranges of mobile We can't talk about his arrival at S9. Although Samsung has started quite early with the development they usually take several months.

It's not just update and add some details, One UI is a fairly heavy layer in which they have to optimize all the tools. We'll see when it just arrives for flagships from last year. The first step will be to start the beta program and, as always, we will be here to tell you all the details.

Do not forget to keep an eye on our website to learn about updates to Android 10 and much more. ????

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