Samsung unveils the 108 MP sensor for smartphones Redmi

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Samsung smartphones Xiaomi Redmi sensor câmara fotográfica

The “war” of cameras in the smartphones has warmed up again and Samsung wants to lead this new front. To this end, the South Korean giant introduced a new 108 MP sensor for smartphones. ISOCELL Bright HMX was developed in partnership with Xiaomi and is set to debut at Redmi.

Now Samsung herself made known the main assets and characteristics of this colossal sensor.

Samsung smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Sensor Camera

Scheduled to launch for one of Xiaomi's upcoming Redmi, this is one of the largest sensors ever designed smartphones. That is, its 1 / 1.33 inch size promises to revolutionize photography with mobile devices, here essentially having a third of the size of the sensor present in the Sony RX100 VII.

Photography and the limits of smartphones

Something that brings us again to the limitations inherent in smartphone cameras. As simple as the laws of physics, there are restrictions on the size of the optics as well as the sensors used. Therefore, the solution mainly involves reduction and subsequent optimization via software.

Still, with 108 MP on the sensor, each individual pixel will be a small size. Something about the simple fact that we are dividing something already small into thousands of individual cells (pixels). However, Samsung claims to use its Tetracell technology that adds four individual pixels.

Samsung unveils the 108 MP sensor for smartphones Redmi 1

That is, although the sensor is 108 MP, the light captured by 4 adjacent cells is aggregated into one. Then the final image is produced with about 27 MP resolution. Although it is a considerable reduction, with these dimensions you can print the photos captured by Xiaomi Redmi in large formats.

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Samsung's 108 MP sensor will debut on Xiaomi Redmi

Samsung has added even more technology to this sensor such as Smart ISO. Something that automatically selects the ISO value (commonly understood as the sensitivity of the sensor to light). The purpose here is simple and involves simplifying the image capture process.

Therefore, low values ​​will be selected under abundant light conditions, whereas in low light situations the value would be automatically raised. From there, the smartphones Xiaomi's Redmi could, for example, focus on optimizing other image processing software.

Samsung unveils the 108 MP sensor for smartphones Redmi 2

In addition, Samsung's new sensor enables 6K video recording at 30 fps (6016 x 3384 pixels). In practice, we have a new record resolution for mobile video capture here. NoteIt is also noted that in addition to the maximum value (6K), there are several other intermediate parameters.

Finally, it is also expected that this new sensor will radically improve photographic performance in low light scenarios. Take, for example, night photography, a point where Samsung has been the target of criticism in the past.

In the face of this new standard, will it still be worth buying a compact camera?

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