Samsung wants to dominate the market with immortal SSDs!

by Kelvin

Samsung when it comes to market is no joke, and the world of SSDs is a perfect example of this ideology! After all, the South Korean giant's new SSDs are capable of reading speeds of 8000 MB / s, while writing speeds are 3800 MB / s… Oh, and I told you they don't die?

We are talking about SSDs that will reach a business market with capacities starting at 800GB and up to 30 TBs.


That is, in fact, it is an SSD that is not for us, the most common of mortals… But that shows the full potential of Samsung technology in this market!

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Samsung's great promise is high durability and fault prevention that is ultimately essential for use on high capacity servers. After all, in this type of market all storage devices are under tremendous stress, something that can obviously compromise data integrity and even component durability.

Of course the promise of 'Never Die' is nothing less than ensuring that the drive continues to work even if some component fails. That is, these SSDs are no storage Superman! But they bring very interesting functionality to a world where durability and consistency is everything.

With the arrival of PCIe 4.0, SSDs have reached completely new levels of performance!

Thus, with this technology, we have the capacity of up to 3800 MB / s for sequential data writing, while for reading it is possible to reach an impressive 6400 MB / s in U.2 format and 8000 MB / s in 2.5 format.

In addition to the new technology that makes it possible to operate even with faulty storage modules. The new Samsung drives also have other super advanced features! One is the ability to split a single device into 64 virtual SSDs. In addition, we have the integration of Artificial Intelligence to monitor disk operation, reinforcing the premise that data is always safe.

Prices will be anything but friendly… But the future is bright!

With a strong focus on the server world, these products are not yet priced. Still, with the implementation of this technology in the real world, it's only a matter of time before something like that reaches normal users.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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