Samsung Waves with Huawei's Android License Issues

by Kelvin
Samsung Waves with Huawei's Android License Issues

Clearly, but not in tight competition with each other Huawei and SamsungThey can exploit even the smallest opportunities. Due to Huawei's embargo Getting Android license Samsung is an interesting user email sent.

Samsung does not enter into unnecessary close relationships with Google, the opponent's troubled situation, knowing that the opportunity to send e-mail to users on this subject. As you know, because of his problems with America. Not getting Android license Huawei, Mate 30 series Google will launch without applications and services.

Huawei introduces the Mate 30 series during the event Samsung, who e-mailed Latin American customers, said to users that "You cannot use updates, applications or Google services. enjoy it.".


However, these e-mails have nothing to do with the launch and completely coincidence We can also think that. However, Samsung, Huawei's transient weakness we need to consider that you can do anything to benefit. As much as possible provide new customer the company will not want to resort to such events.

What about Huawei?

Samsung Waves with Huawei's Android License Issues 2

However, do not assume that these are only done by Samsung and are cruel. For example, May Samsung in of stores over Huawei, who advertises smartphones, loves these steps. Nevertheless, Huawei's problem a serious problem We can say that. The company's how to be affected and sales what direction to watch while it is quite difficult to guess.

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