Samsung works on its own augmented reality glasses

by Kelvin
Samsung works on its own augmented reality glasses

Samsung works on its own augmented reality glasses 2

One of the gadgets with more skeptics of its use that exist are augmented reality glasses. Google managed to channel theirs to the workplace, in the same way that Microsoft has also oriented its Hololens towards this section, but now there are companies that try to popularize a model closer to what Mountain VIew proposed. And is that Samsung already works on its own AR glasses.

The first patent of Samsung AR glasses comes out

In recent years we have seen how technology companies in both the hardware and software world have focused on proposing mobile devices for all ranges and needs. The only somewhat riskier devices have been the smartwatches that are gaining more and more followers, but the AR glasses have fallen far behind after the great promises we had seen at the time.


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However, everything indicates that we will see changes in this market if the fact that Samsung works in an AR glasses. The sketch that shows the Korean firm is not far from what is a complete frame with its traditional lenses. On its legs everything related to the chipset would be placed while only one of the crystals would see a small screen to interact with the associated mobile device.

There is still much to know about the device, as well as all the technical features that it would have available as well as a definitive design. This would have to match the rest of the company's devices to create its own and identifiable ecosystem.

Apple is also on its way

Samsung already raises its own augmented reality glasses, but it is not the only one. Nothing is known about Google and the future of Google Glass in case these devices have a certain pull on the market, although if so it would not be unusual to see a new device of the firm.

The one who is also working on augmented reality glasses is Apple. At the beginning of the year we knew from the hand of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that this device could be ready for next year. Maybe by then the firm has prepared the first iPhone in 5G as expected, but we only have to wait until September to know if the firm has them ready or we will have to wait longer to have them in hand.

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