Samsung's new oven is modular and can cook 2 dishes at once

by Kelvin
Horno de Samsung Dual Cook Steam Oven

Samsung has wanted to show its full potential for its appliance market, and has not wanted to leave behind the innovations that it usually incorporates in its products as a house brand. Now we bring you a Samsung oven, the Dual Cook Steam Oven that goes out of the ordinary and that will delight people most prone to multitasking.

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This is not a dramatization; it sure happened to you that you wanted to cook something in the oven and You would have liked to cook 2 things at once. A birthday party, a hangout with friends, and so on. When you want to put on "chef" and you must cook several things, you want your oven to have that versatility.


That is the "core" of this oven: modularity. Obviously we talk about an oven as such, but it is capable of, in addition to cooking 2 dishes at once, adapt to your needs In a simple way.

The modular Samsung oven that will make your kitchen more versatile

The main focus of this oven is multiple cooking; We are facing an appliance in vertical format that has, specifically, 4 modes of operation depending on what we need. The key to this Samsung oven is in its compartments, which we can "divide" to cook what we need.

We can cook a dish in the upper tray, in the lower tray, both at the same time or use all the space in case we need to cook something much bigger. We can cook a dish in a compartment with convection and steam the other, in addition to cooking simultaneously we can cook a dish differently from the other.

Samsung's new oven is modular and can cook 2 dishes at once 1

As we can see in the image, the front door can be opened in half in case we are cooking something in the upper compartment and we do not need to open the entire hatch. Highlights its design, focused on the ease of use for the user and sobriety without bragging (which we appreciate).

For now, the launch date and the price have not been disclosed, but it will be a more than plausible option for all those who want to take "multitasking" to their kitchen.

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