Samsung's new TV comes with a 43-inch vertical screen for use with smartphones

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Nova TV da Samsung traz tela vertical de 43 polegadas para ser usada com smartphones

With the world becoming increasingly vertical thanks to smartphones, Samsung decided to bet on a different product and recently introduced The Sero, a television made for standing use.

Bringing a 43 inch OLED monitor, the product is meant to be used differently from a traditional television, but without neglecting the quality. The Sero model is designed to be easily paired with the smartphone using technologies such as NFC to mirror the phone screen and display information such as photos and videos on a larger screen.

Samsung's new TV comes with a 43-inch vertical screen for use with smartphones 1
Samsung's new TV can be used in two different orientations. Image: Samsung / The Verge

Since you can't live in a vertical world only, and much of the content that looks best on a television is made horizontally, the product can also be used in landscape mode, just for the user to change the orientation of the device.

Thanks to its conceptual air, Samsung's new product will be sold limited from May. The company is currently showing The Sero in pop-up stores in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, along with other concept-looking products like Frame and The Serif televisions that simulate the look of paintings.


Samsung's new TV comes with a 43-inch vertical screen for use with smartphones 2Image: Samsung / Engadget

The Sero's suggested price in South Korea is approximately $ 1,600, about $ 6,400 in direct conversion to our currency. The manufacturer has not commented on a worldwide launch of the product, and taking into account the experimental content of vertical television, we may not see the device so soon in Brazilian lands.

Still, who knows the new format designed for use in conjunction with smartphones can inspire competing companies, particularly Chinese companies like Xiaomi, who often "steal" big-brand ideas and launch more affordable products by leveraging these concepts.

Would you buy a television that can be used normally and also works vertically? Leave your opinion about the new Samsung product in the comments!

Via: The verge

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