Sans of 'Undertale' is now available in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

by Kelvin
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The Internet is full of memes of various types that change over time, some fall into disuse and others repower. Now we know that one of these became popular to the point that it reached one of the exclusive titles of Switch dearest ones like ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’, we’re talking about Sans the skeleton.

The character is the most popular of 'Undertale', the acclaimed indie created by Toby Fox and which was released in 2015. The character was gaining popularity on the internet and many rumors talked about how well it would fit within 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 'but there were very few who expected to see him in the game, something that fortunately is now a reality.


The arrival of Sans did not come as fans expected, that is, in the form of a playable character in the Joker style of Persona 5 ’with unique animations and fighting techniques, but in the form of a suit for the Mii.

New outfits within ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

The news was revealed yesterday along with the outfits of Team Rocket, Goemon, Protoman and Zero that cost 80 cents each and include the remixed Megalovania musical theme that was produced by Toby Fox himself.

It cannot be questioned that the suit looks pretty good and very attached to what is seen in ‘Undertale’, so surely the fans of the character that has so many memes will be satisfied with the result and with the arrival of it to the beloved game of Nintendo Switch.

In fact, the internet was filled with memes alluding to the character and one of them is related to the press conference in which the arrival of the character to the game was announced that can already be enjoyed for only 80 cents in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate '.

– That Trav Guy (@TheOtherTravGuy) September 5, 2019

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