Saurik manages to jailbreak the Google Glass

by Kelvin

Some users have already had the possibility to enjoy for a few days the Google Glass Explorer Edition, and apparently, some of these users already took care of even "hacking" them. In fact, it is possible to access the root and have full control of the operating system of Google glasses.

The hacker who has managed to accomplish this task is the world famous Jay Freeman, even better known as Saurik, a relevant character in the Jailbreak world for iOS. This has confirmed to Forbes that it has managed to "open a hole" to the device in question, using a specific exploit to be able to obtain root access in Android 4.0, said exploit has been previously discovered by the B1nary hacker. Saurik states through his twitter account that it has been a simple procedure.


Google Glass Jailbroken

The jailbreak to Google Glass is a really simple procedure

In fact, the hacker Jay Freeman is not the first to unlock the Google Glass, also the developer Liam McLoughlin managed to get root access to his device. Of course this bug has been achieved on the Explorer Edition version of Google glasses, which will have to wait for the final version to be released to the public to know if it can also be hacked so easily.

Regarding the latter, Google X project engineer Stephen Lau recently confirmed that:

Google has voluntarily left the Google Glass unlocked, so you can unlock it and do absolutely fun things about them.

It is possible that these statements have come to remedy a little the possible security breach that they have had or may be true and want to allow everyone to "do absolutely fun things with them." The question remains that it is not clear that later versions of the Explorer Edition can be unlocked, although according to Lau's statements, it seems that it is.

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