Saurik releases Cydia for iOS 8 Jailbreak

by Kelvin

The creator of Cydia releases a new version for iOS 8

Pangu's team today launched the first Jailbreak for iOS 8, although it is a different Jailbreak than the ones we are used to. It is possible to do it, but Once installed we will not have Cydia on the device. This is something that will throw many back, since this alternative app store is really the main claim that many see to do this procedure on their device.

Now Saurik, the creator of the alternative app store, has released a new version of Cydia and, this time, it is compatible with the iOS 8 Jailbreak launched by Pangu.


Saurik releases Cydia for iOS 8 Jailbreak 3

Saurik says that he did not expect the people of Pangu to launch the Jailbreak as soon as possible and that he has taken it completely by surprise, so he had to put the batteries and launch as soon as possible a way to install the store on the devices that apply the Jailbreak .

The version of Cydia that we can use with the Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 8 is included in a .deb file that we must download on our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the Jailbreak applied and installed manually on the device, as they say in iPhoneHacks .

Pangu will surely incorporate Cydia in the Jailbrek in a short time

We do not know how long it will take Pangu to launch a new version of its Jailbreak that does include the installation of Cydia as usual. We assume that now that Saurik has released the installation package it will not take long to launch that new version and, perhaps, they include some novelty or correction to errors that may appear after the first hours available to everyone.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Cydia

We did not expect the iOS 8.1 Jailbreak to be released so soon. We imagined that it would take a few more weeks to install it on our iPhone and iPad, but the Pangu boys have given us a big surprise by releasing it long before. Especially to all those who are in love with this technique and have full control over all sections of the software of their device.

Were you waiting for the Jailbreak?

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