Scan and organize tickets and invoices on your mobile with this app

by Kelvin
Scan and organize tickets and invoices on your mobile with this app

Scan and organize tickets and invoices on your mobile with this app 2

Between invoices, receipts, letters from the bank, tickets, etc., we always end up with the wallet up to papers that we want to keep in case something has to be returned, in case we need them to claim in the future. And from the portfolio we pass them to a file, to a disaster drawer, wherever. But we still have a mountain of papers. And as we need one at any given time, look at the stack and look for it. Couldn't this be solved given current technology? Yes, yes you can. The answer is an app: Okticket.

Digitize your purchase tickets and save them on your mobile

What is okticket? Well an app that with a simple photo from your mobile, will digitize the tickets and invoices associated with your expenses, so you will have them stored in the smartphone for future use. And the best: it can also be used professionally so you can recover VAT or make the relevant deductions. Your tickets and invoices captured with the application will have the same validity as if you presented them on paper, as The Okticket digitalization system is approved by the Tax Agency.


With Okticket you can access the documentation generated wherever and whenever you want. In addition, the app allows you to generate sheets and expense reports in PDF and export them in CSV format to share with your manager or your administration department.

Whether you are a freelancer, an employee, you have an SME or a large company, Okticket helps you with the management, organization and reporting of your professional expenses or those of your team, avoiding having to save all invoices. The app has an OCR data recognition system, to facilitate the automatic recording of your expenses, and a generator of expense reports to which you can associate each ticket or invoice, in addition to the most useful: Certified Signature

How to digitize tickets

  1. From an foto with the mobile: Digitize tickets and invoices for all types of professional expenses.
  2. Select the expense type: Food, hotel, gasoline, parking, etc.
  3. Fill in the basic data, such as VAT amount and type: Okticket has a database of establishments and entities that will allow you to quickly identify the issuing entity, without wasting time entering the data by hand.
  4. Select the Payment method and expense sheet to which you want to associate the ticket or invoice.
  5. Click on the 'Save' button.
  6. In a few seconds, you will receive a notification telling you that andYou can get rid of the ticket or paper invoice.

Download Okticket for Android

Download Okticket for iOS

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