Second failure in mobile banking in Mexico, now it was Banorte

by Kelvin
Second failure in mobile banking in Mexico, now it was Banorte

Last weekend, users of different banks reported failures in the payment system with credit and debit cards. It was an “affectation” in the data center of the financial services institution Prosa, located in Santa Fe. Today a new failure was registered in Mexican banks, now with Banorte.

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Users of the financial institution reported failures in Banorte's mobile banking system through which payments, charges, withdrawals or other transactions could not be made, in addition to consulting the balance appeared in zeros, which caused panic.

Banorte responded through his twitter account that "It has restored all its services, including Mobile Banking and Internet Banking, and it is operating with absolute normality", without giving more details about what caused the failure.

In a statement, the financial institution said that the card payment service, both credit and debit, as well as its network of more than eight thousand ATMs are operating regularly.

Second, mobile banking in Mexico fails in less than a week. What's going on?

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