Secret detail of AppleMobile phones "confirmed"

by Kelvin
Hidden Apple a secret features?

The general picture of the iPhone 11, just before the show, is almost complete – much is known. With a seemingly small detail to the coming AppleHandie worried the rumor mill then but a few more confusion and fueled another guess. Now the detail has been "confirmed".

Update of September 9, 2019: Mark Gurman – well-informed insider at Bloomberg – interprets the presumption of being centered AppleLogos on the back of the iPhone 11 in its current prediction AppleEvent and gives his consent. This is more or less equal to a "confirmation".


Gurman also emphasizes: The new location is designed to show users where the AirPods should be stored for Reverse Wireless Charging. Ergo: The iPhone 11 is indeed actually a wireless charging mat.

Original article of September 2, 2019:
Once again, it is the case manufacturers who provide guidance on the new iPhone 11 in advance. Made the last hope for a special version of the Apple Pencils for the upcoming mobile phone, there's now information on the position of the AppleLogos. So far this is in the upper half on the back of the iPhone. In the future, however, this could continue to slide down and thus take a centered position. Images of said casings suggesting this new position now appeared on Slashleaks (via 9to5Mac).

Secret detail of AppleMobile phones "confirmed" 2 Image: Slashleaks (via 9to5Mac).

iPhone with new position of AppleLogos: Is There a "Secret" Reason?

A seemingly small and unimportant detail. But why would? Apple to make such a somewhat confusing design change? The most obvious reason for the logo customization may be the larger, square camera phalanx. This forces almost a new position, should remain an aesthetic image. But there could be more to it.

The not entirely unknown insider and conceptual artist Ben Geskin suspects that behind this step a secret feature of the iPhone 11 hides. The AppleHandset should indeed be equipped with "Reverse Wireless Charging" – the back of the iPhone works as a Qi charging mat, for example for the AirPods or other iPhones. Geskin surmises that the repositioned AppleLogo should tell the user where to place the AirPods correctly for charging. Does not sound so wrong the assumption, right?

What the rumor mill has "cooked" for iPhone 11 so far:

Keynote to the iPhone 11: Well informed at GIGA

Whether this is really the case, we will learn no later than September 10, 2019. Then loads Apple at 7 pm German time for the special event and will present the iPhone 11 to the world at the keynote with almost 100 percent probability. Of course we at GIGA will report in detail as usual.

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