Security Issues on Hostinger Customers

by Kelvin
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Hostinger is one of the best known hosting services in the world, but they are not free from security problems.

The company has had to reset the passwords of millions of users as a "precautionary measure" after detecting unauthorized access to a database that contains information about its customers.


The problem occurred on Thursday of last week, when they received an alert that one of their servers was accessed incorrectly. The hacker gained access to the company's systems, including an API database with customer usernames, email addresses and passwords encoded with the SHA-1 algorithm (algorithm vulnerable to phishing and replaced in many cases by SHA-2).

In total, some 14 million clients out of a total of 29 have been affected. They have already contacted the respective authorities, but for now it is unknown who the attacker has been.

Affected customers have already received an email with more information on the subject. Apparently the financial data was not compromised, nor the files of the clients' websites, so we should not fear an avalanche of infected sites in a few hours.

Although during the weekend information about conversations with the customer service has been leaked where it is indicated that some data on payment methods could have been stolen, it has subsequently been verified that this was not the case.

Hopefully now that the password reset has been done on time and that we don't begin to see customers claiming because their websites have disappeared.

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