Security: Piano Tiles 2 and Cheetah app is removed from Play Store, uninstall it quickly!

by Kelvin
Security: Piano Tiles 2 and Cheetah app is removed from Play Store, uninstall it quickly!

Almost all Cheetah Mobile applications have been rejected by Google Play Store. In question: they will be wrapped with adware. Google, which seemed to call the editors to order multiple times, finally got tired and decided to delete everything.

Located in Beijing (China), the company Cheetah Mobile claimed no less than 634 million users active in January 2017. We owe him games like Big Bang 2048, Piano Tiles 2: Don't Touch White Tile 2, Rolling Sky, and a host of apps supposed to improve cellular performance (Battery Doctor, Clean Master, CM Speed Booster …). As a web giant, this company has many game and application development sites.


However, on February 20, Google announced that it had removed 600 malicious applications from its Play Store. Among them, the giant Mountain View clearly includes the application. Cheetah Mobile, because there is no editor app now accessible through the app store.

Piano tiles 2 and all Cheetah Mobile apps in Google viewer

Right now therefore, there are no more Cheetah editor apps that can be accessed from the Play Store.. The reason for this confiscation may be due to the fact that this app displays excessive ads. Also remember that they have been placed in the bag by disseminating the user's data without their consent. Nothing less than that 45 applications it has been recently retired, and only now appears to remain multiple virtual keyboards from the Real 3D Keyboard Theme series.

On Cheetah's side, no official reaction was launched. As of this writing, the publisher's French website continues to link to the Play Store to download Clean Master, CM Security, or CM Launcher 3D. However, on its English site, the publisher now displays the following warning: "Official message: You can install the latest version of the application by clicking Download APK. Allow permission if there is a security reminder. "

As mentioned Android PoliceThis manipulation is even more dangerous than downloading applications from the Play Store, because publishers can integrate any malware into it without going through Google's controls. We also note that the publisher is still on the App Store.

If you have one of the Cheetah Mobile editor apps, We recommend that you be careful and immediately remove all applications from the editor., hoping to know more than one of the two parts.

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