SEGA Mega Drive Mini is delayed in Europe, it will finally arrive in October

by Kelvin
SEGA Mega Drive Mini 740x387 0

Initially planned to reach the market in September, SEGA has announced that the console Mega Drive Mini has experienced a delay in the European market, delaying its arrival date until the beginning of Octoberprecisely today 4. According to the company, this delay was caused by "inevitable logistical challenges"Button.


"We are committed to a successful launch for consumers in all regions, and this step will ensure that we can comply with requests and fulfill all individual advance orders and orders from retailers in Europe and the Middle East at the same time," a spokeswoman said. . from SEGA.

"Customers in the region can still place their orders in advance, and those who have ordered before just need to wait two additional weeks for their small boxes full of retro magic to arrive."

Remember that SEGA Mega Drive Mini will reach the market with 42 games catalog, which has been chosen to choose the player community itself. We leave you with a list of games in addition to reminding you that the console will arrive with two controls at an official price € 76.99.

List of recent games:

Alex Kidd in the haunted castleJim EarthwormMonster World IVThor's storyVirtua Fighter 2
Alisia dragonEcco the DolphinPhantasy Star 4: End of the millenniumStreet Fighter 2: Special Champion EditionWonder Boy in Monster World
Beast changedEternal championProbotectorPath of Wrath 2World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseGhosts and ghostsRoad Eruption 2Strider
Castlevania: New GenerationGold axPower shinesSuper Fantasy Zone
ColumnGunstar heroesShinobi 3Tetris
Comix ZoneChameleon boySonic La HedgehogPower of Thunder 3
DariusLandstalkerSonic La Hedgehog 2Toe Jam & Earl
Mean Bean Machine RobotnikLight CrusaderSonic La Hedgehog SpinballVectorman
Dynamite bossMega Man: The Wily WarsSpace Harrier 2Virtua Fighter 2 [/ embed]

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