Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice exceeds 3.8 million copies sold

by Kelvin

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice exceeds 3.8 million copies sold. Sekiro is the last title to date of From Software, father of the mythical Darksouls series that with a very addictive gameplay and little compassion with the player have made school within video games. With Sekiro, From Software wanted to maintain the essence of offering a challenge to the player but addressing it in another way, with a gameplay more focused on the parry and breaking the opponent's position with the defense. Activision took over the distribution of Sekiro and the truth is that they are very happy with the performance of the game in terms of sales.

In just 10 days, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice managed to sell 2 million copies. We now know thanks to Activision's financial results that at the end of June the game had managed to sell more than 3.8 million copies. It is a large number considering that it is not a game for everyone and that its difficulty level by default (as it does not give you a choice) is quite high.


With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, From Software decided to distance itself from its previous titles beyond the fighting, offering a gameplay where stealth is almost fundamental and the character's agility plays an important role in scenarios where verticality prevails. As if that were not enough, this title has a more definite story than the Darksouls saga, games where knowing the lore requires commitment on the part of the player since they do not tell you their story directly.

During the Microsoft conference last E3 2019 we met the new work of the study, this is Elden Ring, a game where maestro Miyazaki collaborates with the author of a Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin. A game that, with just one trailer, has already raised expectations and interest among fans of Hidetaka's works. Everything indicates that Elden Ring will be in the gamescom 2019, but that it would be shown behind closed doors.

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