Semitorre designed for lovers of silence

by Kelvin
El Chapuzas Informático

Be Quiet! announced the launch of its Pure Base 500, a new chassis with elegant design with steel panels in a finish that resembles polished aluminum and with all its interior soundproof so that the system does not compromise the loudness of the room.

be Quiet Pure Base 500 5 400x600 0


Despite this, it is highly prepared for good cooling, being able to install a total ofe up to 6x 120mm fans or a total of three radiators: 360 mm on the front, 280/240 mm at the top and 140/120 mm in the rear, although standard comes equipped with two 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans being one in the front and another in the rear.

be Quiet Pure Base 500 4 740x493 1

Inside there is room for a motherboard ATX, 2x 3.5 "+ 2x 2.5" bays or up to 5x 2.5 "bays, various graphics cards up to 369 mm in length, a top-of-the-range CPU by air heatsink up to 190 mm high, a power supply of up to 259 mm deep (225 mm if we add the 2x 3.5 "units, we have magnetized dust filters, and will go on sale in the middle of this month at prices around 70 euros for the black model, 75 euros for the metallic gray and white, and 80-85 euros for both models but with a tempered glass window.

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