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by Kelvin
Aplicación Send Anywhere


File sharing has become a common task in both personal and professional settings. If you do not want to rely on third-party servers, such as messaging applications, you have to use some option that works directly. An example is Send Anywhere, of which we are going to comment on what it offers.


This is a development that allows you to send all kinds of files that are stored and, for this, no cable is used since it uses wireless technology. But not Bluetooth that is very slow, but Wifi (This is good news since efficiency is higher, but some terminals do not offer compatibility with Direct mode, and this makes the Send Anywhere utility not complete). The case is that it is possible to send a PDF file to another quickly and without data loss … provided that both teams have installed this application, Clear.

By the way, the development we are talking about is multi platform, which allows it to be used with different operating systems. In our tests we have verified that the work in this way offers no problems, so Send Anywhere becomes a good tool for, for example, sending a file from an Android tablet to a computer with Windows. An excellent solution that also offers a great hardware compatibility, since in a model with quad-core processor the work is perfect, and there are no closing failures or slowdowns of the shipping process.

How to use NFC to quickly share files on Huawei phones

A good detail of this work is that it is translated… but not quite. For example, the aids are only in English which can be a handicap. In addition, some elements of the interface have not changed … and although they are very easy to recognize, it must be said that it makes you lose some image to Send Anywhere. In what has to do with job management, gestures are present and something that we liked a lot is that the action buttons are large and with colors that stand out on the white background. Therefore, at a glance it is more than simple to know what has to be done.

Use the Send Anywhere application

This is not complicated, since you just have to find the files to send, it is possible to use options of a belt to select the type to which it belongs (songs, or documents, etc.). And, done this, a menu in the lower area of ​​the screen that when pressed allows sending everything to the other device. Here is an important factor, since the receiver has to use a numerical code that the sender sends first and, if this is not done, communication is not established. A security gateway that is of interest. The speed is quite high and the truth is that Send Anywhere is perfect for using photos and videos.

Some additional details offered by the work are that it is possible from send applications to contacts (granting the necessary permits), and this makes it offer a power that other similar jobs does not have. In addition, Send Anywhere also serves to move from one folder to other files stored on the computer, so its functionality is quite complete and, best of all, efficient.

Send Anywhere, so you can get it

Testing this development is something that is positive, since the functions it offers must be added that it is completely free download in Galaxy Store and Play Store, which increases its appeal. A quite efficient development and that being multiplatform offers good possibilities of use that are sure that on more than one occasion they wish to take advantage.

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