September PS Plus will have Batman and Darksiders 3

by Kelvin

Batman Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3 are free games for September PS Plus subscribers

The games available on PS Plus September for subscribers of the exclusive service of Sony were revealed last Wednesday. Recalling that, since March, the Sony no longer makes titles available to users of Playstation 3 and PS Vita, focusing only on titles for the PlayStation 4.


"I am the night!"

The first of the games available to subscribers of PS Plus September is the latest title in the acclaimed Batman franchise produced by Rocksteady Studios: Batman Arkham Knight.

Ready to put on bat costume and save Gotham City?Ready to put on bat costume and save Gotham City?

The game was originally released in 2015 and is considered by many to be the best game in the series. It is a direct sequel to Arkham City (even though it was released earlier, Arkham Origins is considered the first of the franchise, chronologically). In the adventure, our winged hero must deal with the aftermath of the Joker's death and deal with long-standing enemies like Penguin, Scarecrow. Harley Quinn and Two-Face – beyond the mysterious and dangerous Arkham Knight.

Featuring cutting-edge graphics, a story full of twists and action from start to finish, Batman Arkham Knight is an exciting adventure that promises to keep the player in control. Best of all, you'll feel like the real Batman driving through the streets of Gotham City aboard the Batmobile!

Feel the power of Fury!

The second game that subscribers to PS Plus will be able to enjoy from September is the third title of one of the extinct series THQ Nordic: Darksiders III.

September PS Plus will have Batman and Darksiders 3 10

Originally released in 2018, the Hack-and-Slash-style action game Darksiders 3 star Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, whose mission is to hunt and eliminate the impersonations of the Seven Deadly Sins (anger, pride, greed, greed, envy, laziness and lust). The reward? Become the leader of the Knights and command the Apocalypse of humanity.

The game is a natural evolution of the previous titles of the series, with moments of frenetic action interspersed with scenario exploration and secondary missions. Brace yourself for hours of swift blows, deadly blasting enemies, new powers to discover and fantastic locations to discover. If you enjoy a good adventure and don't have the dangers of Hell, then join the Fury in this battle!

Enjoying the September PS Plus

Remember that now users of the exclusive service of the Playstation have a storage capacity of 100GB – giving even more space to store all these games and files from your PS4! With cloud storage, you can record the progress of your games and profile on a system PS4, and then continue on another system without losing anything.

Unfortunately, for now, the Sony has no plans to increase the list of free games offered to subscribers of PS Plus. Many players are complaining about the service charge (one year of subscription costs about R $ 130.00) and the reduced quantity of securities offered since the PS3 and PS Vita from the list of consoles covered by the benefits.

PS Plus JulySubscribing to PS Plus gives you many benefits besides free games

Nevertheless, the PS Plus still required to play multiple games in multiplayer at the PS4 and subscribers can always count on exclusive discounts when there is a week of promotions on PS Storeso stay tuned!

All games listed above will be available to download from September 3rd. Finally, for those who have not redeemed the free August games yet, there is a warning to do so while there is still time (until the day September 2nd!). See the official announcement of the games: