September slope: 52 week challenge to save

by Kelvin
Money piggy bank

One of the biggest problems of returning on vacation is facing the September slope, the expenses, the reality. But today we show you an application that will help you save for everything you set your mind to. If you are already thinking about the next vacation or that next year does not happen the same, we show you an application that will help you save during the rest of the year: Challenge 52 weeks.

It is an application with which you can add your goals for this course and get them little by little. You can set a goal (a great trip to do next summer, for example, or university tuition) and mark how much you want to save each week until the day comes. Mark small goals since they will multiply as the weeks and months go by.


Download 52 weeks

Brand objectives

You can mark as many goals as you want: a trip, buy a new television, tuition for a course … And you can keep track of each of your savings. By entering your goal and your weekly challenge you can choose which day you are going to start saving and automatically the application will tell you how much you will save in 52 weeks if you are complying with the rhythm indicated.

Once you have your goals you can go watching on the main screenl how are your different challenges going and how much is left to meet them. The operation is very simple and basically you will have to go entering the app every week to confirm that that week you have saved what you intended. You will see how much money you have saved, how much percent you have earned and how much is the total money. If some week you can not get it, do not mark it in the application and that's it.

Challenge 52 Weeks

Follow your savings

Within each objective you will see the track your weeks and your money. If you click on the "Info" button in the upper right, you will see each of the details in a table format. You will see the weeks, what you have saved, the date and whether or not you have deposited the estimated content that week. This will give you an idea.

It is an application that seems very obvious but that It will help you save week after week And in a year you can get that trip you loved so much. It seemed impossible to get it with so little money but one or two euros per week will be enough to start and end up getting a trip to Japan or around the world.

Challenge 52 Weeks 2

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