, enjoy your movies and series for free with for iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin, enjoy your movies and series for free with for iPhone and iPad 1, one of the best ways to watch free movies and series from from iPhone and iPad

It is available in the App Store, the app store of Apple, one of the best, if not the best application to watch movies and series for free from the iPhone and iPad through Learn more about this app, with us, and download it below, enjoy your movies and series for free with for iPhone and iPad 2

What is for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch?

With the app for iPhone and iPad, you will find the best way to enjoy series and movies directly from any of your iOS device.


Thanks to you can count on practical and easy access to your account from a mobile device Apple, it does not matter if it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, in this way you can enjoy all the multimedia content offered by the famous website., enjoy your movies and series for free with for iPhone and iPad, enjoy your movies and series for free with for iPhone and iPad 4 features for iOS devices

What makes special are its features and design, adapted to iOS 8. Among these features we can find:

  • Enter and view any user profile: This way you will be able to know his recent activity, the followers he has and the users he follows.
  • Manage the users you follow: Thanks to this it will be possible to easily follow and stop following whoever you want.
  • Your collection of series and movies on one screen: you can see all the movies and series on a single screen, organized by covers, in addition, you can also see the collection of any user in the same way and look for series and movies within it.
  • Keep up: includes an option to see which series and movies are most popular to allow you to keep up to date.
  • Detailed information of the series and films: With you can see a file with general information (genre, premiere year, synopsis, directors, cast …), what series or movies are similar, comments and reviews from other users.
  • Rate your favorite series and movies: With this app you can rate the series and movies that you like, as well as mark them as favorites, pending, views, etc …
  • Watch movies or series: You can watch any series or movie by accessing the free links provided by You just have to select the desired link and will do the rest. Forget about surfing the web and wait until you get the link to the video while watching the screen full of ads. If can do it for you, why are you going to do it?
  • Watch movies or series directly on TV: If the iPhone or iPad screen seems small, with this app you will not have problems because is compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast. This way you can watch the series and movies on your TV whenever you have a device Apple Google TV or Chromecast.
  • Pending movies and series: If you want to know what you can watch today, this app shows you what series and movies you have to watch.
  • Movie and series search engine for iPhone and iPad: If you can't find a series or movie, you can search for it. Use the search engine to find any series or movie.

Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you do not have this application on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below. is in the App Store, requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, German, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Korean, Danish, French, Greek, Indonesian, English, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Important note: In order to use this application you must have a account. The links that are available on are the same as those that appear on If there are no (free) links for a movie or series, neither are there on

Of course, is one of the most complete applications for iPhone and iPad that will allow us to watch movies and series online totally free.

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