forces to withdraw its application for iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin

The app for iPhone and iPad removed at the request of

The team of developers of the application have announced through a special statement, which has been published through the social network Twitter, the Reasons why you have removed your iPhone and iPad application from the App Store, the app store of Apple. According to these the reason is related to breaches of the contract they had with the team. forces to withdraw its application for iPhone and iPad 3

The problem between and has been the breach of the agreement

The application reached an important level of popularity during the short time it was available on the App Store, the app store for mobile devices of Apple. This app that appeared on July 25, 2014 with which we could enjoy the series and movies of until last October 14, 2014.


The reasons why this application has been withdrawn, mainly, has been the impossibility of reaching a commercial agreement between the two, both the team and the team. According to what the developers of this application point out:

Our intention was always to reach an agreement with them. After developing a pact in which both parties agreed, has not only not fulfilled all the commitments reflected in its part of the agreement, but they have pressured us so that, even so, we do comply with all of our commitments, under threat of cancellation of the app.

Given this fact,'s team has decided not to give their arm to twist before the threats received, especially if the other party does not intend to fulfill its part of the commitment.

The team plans to compensate users who bought their app for iPhone and iPad

Those who are most affected mainly by this problem are the users who have acquired this application, which was paid, as it finally ceased to be available. Before the concern of the developers of, they have talked with the guys of so that, although the application is not available in the App Store, users who have bought it can continue to enjoy the services of through the app, although it is not known for how long it can be and surely it will not be for an unlimited time.

Finally, and to compensate users who trusted them when buying this application, developers are considering how to compensate users by possibly giving them some of their future payment applications. For this, developers advise users not to uninstall from their devices, as it will serve as proof that they acquired the application when benefiting from such possible compensation.

Obviously it is unfortunate that the future of has ended in this way. You who think about it?

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